Wanted: Weapons of Fate: Progression Guide for Players


Wanted: Weapons of Fate: Progression Guide for Players

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is the sequel to the popular action game Wanted. In this guide, we will provide tips that players can use to play the game better and improve their skills.

Game Basics

Weapons of Fate is designed as a third-person shooter game. The game is based on the movie series and immerses players in a fast-paced action-packed adventure. Here are some basic tips to help you succeed in the game:

  • Fine-tune your crosshair: Precise aiming is important to achieve success in the game. You should adjust your crosshair well so that you can quickly select the enemy you want to target.
  • Shoot on the Move: The dynamics of the game encourage shooting on the move. You must take your shots by focusing on your opponents and at the same time protect yourself from enemy fire with evasive moves.
  • Use Cover: Weapons of Fate is designed as a cover-based game. You should use covers to protect yourself from enemy fire during battle. Covers allow you to take a defensive position against enemies.

Character Traits and Skills

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of the three main characters in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. These characters have different abilities and skills. Here is more information about the characters and their abilities:

Characters Abilities Wesley Gibson High durability, sniping skills Archer Fast movement skills, close combat mastery Sloan TactiCam feature, ability to spy on enemies

Choosing a character that suits your own play style will increase your chances of success. You can earn points to improve your character throughout the missions. You can use points to access new skills or power-ups in skill trees.

Enemy Tactics

Weapons of Fate features different enemy types and each uses different tactics. Therefore, you must be careful when fighting enemies. Here are some common enemy tactics:

  • Cover Changing: Enemies can constantly change their cover in an attempt to surprise you and eliminate your safe area.
  • Group Attack: Enemies can attack in groups and leave you in a difficult situation. Therefore, during battle, you must constantly check your environment and use its weak points.
  • Snipers: There are also sniper enemies in the game. They usually attack from a distance and aim for a while before hitting your target. It is important that you neutralize them quickly.

Extra Tips

Here are some extra tips to consider when playing Weapons of Fate:

  • Move as much as possible and avoid being a quiet target.
  • Use your abilities appropriately according to enemy types and situations.
  • Take a tactical and strategic approach occasionally. Fight with your mind and deceive your enemies when necessary.
  • Use the environment! Use environmental elements to neutralize or avoid your enemies.

Weapons of Fate is a popular game that offers action-packed gaming experience. By taking into account the tips given above, you can improve your gaming skills and be more successful at the next level.

Choosing the right weapon is of great importance in order to be effective in many games and have a successful gaming experience. A good weapon selection effectively supports your character and playstyle, improves your competitive gaming skills and increases your chances of defeating your opponents.

1. Know Your Playstyle

First of all, determining your playing style is important to choose the right weapon. Are you a fast-moving shooter or a more tactical player in first-person shooter games? Or are you a player who balances attack and defense well? Determining your playing style and choosing the appropriate weapons will ensure your success.

2. Examine Weapon Types

Examine the different types of weapons available in the game and determine the ones that suit your playing style. In the table below you can find the basic weapon types and their characteristics:

Weapon Type Features Pistol Short range, light and fast firing. Shotgun Deals high damage, but has a low fire rate. Assault Rifle is a medium-range, high fire rate and general-purpose weapon. Sniper Rifle It has long range, high precision and high damage. Submachine Gun Provides short range, high fire rate and mobility. Light Machine Gun Deals high damage, but has a low fire rate and is heavy.

3. Consider the Advantages and Disadvantages of Weapons

Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose your weapon knowing these advantages and disadvantages in the game. For example, if you are a fast-moving player, it will be to your advantage to choose lighter and faster-firing weapons. Additionally, you should choose your weapon by taking into consideration factors such as maps, game modes and opposing players’ preferences.

4. Consider the Ammunition and Accessory Needs of the Weapons

Some guns have more ammo capacity, while some have less ammo capacity. You should choose your weapon according to your playing style, taking into account the ammo capacity and reload speed. Additionally, accessories that can be attached to the weapon also provide advantages in the game. You can customize your weapon with accessories such as optical sights, silencers, and binoculars and be more effective in the game.

5. Practice and Try

It is important to practice and try to choose the right gun. By trying different weapons in the game, you can discover which one is more suitable for you. Test the weapons using the game’s trial mode and determine which one best suits your play style. Additionally, by following the in-game preferences of competitive players, you can learn which weapons they use and develop your strategy accordingly.

With the basic weapon selection guide for players, it is possible to choose the right weapon and improve your gaming experience. By choosing the weapons that suit your playing style, you can increase your advantage and stand out in the competition. Remember, choosing the right weapon is one of the keys to your success!

The secret to success in gaming is to improve both your attack and defense skills. In many game genres, mastering your character’s offensive and defensive abilities can be the key to defeating your opponents. Here are effective methods for players to improve their in-game attack and defense techniques:

Improving Attack Techniques

1. Know Your Character: Learn in detail the abilities and features of your character in the game. Determine the abilities that are most suitable for attack and improve your character using these abilities.

2. Learn Combo Moves: Learning the combo moves of your character in the game will allow you to make powerful attacks. You can attack your enemies more effectively by using combo moves.

3. Weapon Selection: Examine the features of the weapons in the game and choose the one that best suits your character’s play style. Try different weapon types to discover which weapon gives you a better attack.

4. Quick Reaction: You may encounter unexpected situations in the game. Improve your reflexes to react quickly. Master your timing skills to launch faster and more effective attacks against your enemies.

5. Develop a Strategy: Determine a strategic plan by understanding the story and world of the game you are playing. Analyze enemies’ strengths and weaknesses and attack accordingly as you move through challenging areas of the game.

Improving Defense Techniques

1. Improve Your Blocking Ability: Instead of avoiding enemy attacks, minimize your damage by improving your blocking ability. Using your blocking ability, you can block enemy attacks and counterattack.

2. Watch Enemy Movements: By carefully monitoring the movements of enemies, you can predict their attacks and create your defense strategy accordingly. Increase your chances of defeating enemies by discovering their attack patterns and vulnerabilities.

3. Use Covering Techniques: If you are exposed to enemy fire, use cover techniques to take less damage. Avoid being the target of enemy fire by taking cover and counterattack by leaving your cover in time.

4. Teamwork: In multiplayer games, keep in touch with your teammates and support each other. You can defeat your opponents by determining defensive strategies as a team.

5. Equipment Selection: Do not forget to use equipment that will strengthen your defense other than attack. You can reduce your risk of harm by choosing armor, shields or other defensive equipment suitable for your character.


Careful planning and practice will allow you to improve your in-game attack and defense skills day by day. By using your character’s abilities correctly, you will be able to make yourself superior in the game world. By combining your attack and defense techniques, you will become a more effective player and increase your chances of defeating your opponents.

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate: Progression Guide for Players

Becoming a good marksman requires you to develop the skills to hit your target accurately. Aiming skills are very important, especially for players who play video games. Here are practical methods for better aiming skills:

1. Choose the right weapon

As a marksman, it is important to choose the right gun that will allow you to be successful. Pay attention to your weapon type, range and suitability for targets. Each weapon has different features, so making the right choice according to the needs of your game will give you an advantage.

2. Speed ​​up gradually

To improve your aiming skills, gradually increase your speed before you start practicing on your targets. Start at a slow tempo and execute your strokes as smoothly as possible. Then continue practicing by increasing your speed. This will improve your reflexes and your ability to aim faster.

3. Practice regularly

Regular practice is one of the most important steps to improve your aiming skills. Take the time to aim frequently and practice in different game modes. This helps you emulate the real gaming experience and improve your skills.

4. Learn precise aiming techniques

Precise aiming techniques make it easier for you to hit the right target. For example, you can track your target better with the “game triangle” technique. You can make sharper and faster hits by shifting your aim slightly as you approach the target. Learning and practicing such techniques will significantly improve your aiming abilities.

5. Try to predict enemy movements

Being able to accurately predict the movements of enemies in video games will push your aiming skills to the limit. Observe the game well and analyze enemy patterns to predict enemy movements. In this way, you can target the enemy faster.

6. Do eye exercises regularly

It is important to do regular eye exercises to improve your aiming skills. It will strengthen your eye muscles and improve your reflexes. Focus on one point and then quickly look at another point. Doing these exercises regularly will improve your eye speed and ability to focus.

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By following these practical methods you can significantly improve your aiming skills. To become a better marksman, it is important to focus on regular practice, correct weapon selection and precise aiming techniques. Remember, improving your skills takes time and practice, be patient and take it step by step. Good luck!

Wanted: Weapons of Fate: Progression Guide for Players

Reflexes are an important part of our daily lives and help us in many areas. It is very important to develop fast reactions and reflexes, especially for athletes and players. By improving these skills, you can improve your performance and react more quickly and effectively. In this article, we will give detailed information about some exercises you can use to improve your quick reactions and reflexes.

1. Strengthen Your Visual Reflexes with Exercises

Visual reflexes refer to your eyes’ ability to quickly react to information around you. You can do some simple exercises to strengthen these reflexes. Here are some of them:

How to Exercise Dart game Try to hit the targets by making quick eye contact with the dart board. Light-ray speed Observe and quickly react to the movements of the lamps in your home as they turn on and off. Following objects Follow a fast moving object with your eyes and focus on it.

2. Do Coordination Exercises

While improving your reflexes, it is also important to increase your coordination. Good hand-eye coordination is important for quick reactions. Here are some coordination exercises:

  • Egg types
  • Standing and pausing on the balance board
  • catching tennis ball
  • rapid hand movements

3. Increase Your Endurance

It is important for you to be resilient for your reflexes to be effective. The best way to increase endurance is to follow a regular exercise program. Cardio exercises, in particular, help increase your overall endurance.

4. Measure Your Reaction Time

Measuring your rapid reaction time is important to track your progress. A simple way is to have a friend send you an unexpected signal and measure how long it takes you to react to that signal. Try to improve this period over time.

5. Stress Management

Stress can negatively affect your reflexes. In case of stress, you may react slower and more incorrectly. Therefore, it is important to improve your stress management skills. Breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques can help you reduce stress.

Quick reactions and reflexes form the basis of many sports and games. By improving these skills, you can increase your performance and be one step ahead of your competitors. By working regularly with the above-mentioned exercises, you can improve your quick reactions and reflexes. Remember, constant practice and patience are the keys to improving these skills.

Tips for Strategic Planning and Tactics – Development Guide for Players

Improving and achieving success is the goal of every player. For this reason, strategic planning and the use of tactics are very important. To be successful in games, strategic thinking and tactical decision-making skills are required. In this article, we will share tips and guidance for players on strategic planning and tactics use.

1. Know the Game Well

Having a good understanding of the rules and mechanics of a game is a fundamental step in strategic planning and tactical use. It is important to learn the different elements within the game and how they interact with each other. Once you understand the mechanics and strategies of the game, you can develop strategies and use tactics more effectively.

2. Look to the Past

Your experiences in past games can be a great resource for strategic planning and tactical use. Remember the strategies you used in previous games and make note of the tactics you thought were successful. You can use these past experiences in new games and improve faster.

3. Communicate with Players

Communicating with players is important to improve strategic planning and tactical use. Chat with other players to learn new strategies and get different ideas. You can share information using communication channels such as the in-game messaging system or forums in player communities. Interacting with other players can expand your strategic mindset and help you discover new tactics.

4. Do your research

Researching new strategies and tactics in the game is important to support strategic planning and tactical use. You can get information about the game from various sources. You can use resources such as the game’s official website, forums, video guides and content from popular game publishers. Thanks to these researches, you can learn new strategies and perform more effectively in the game.

5. Practice

In order to make strategic planning and implement tactics in a game, it is important to practice. As you gain experience in the game, you can better implement your strategies and tactics. With your practice, you can detect your mistakes in the game and fix them. You can get better each time and develop a better use of strategy and tactics.

6. Learn to Take Risks

Strategic planning and the use of tactics require taking risks. Trying new strategies and using unexpected tactics is sometimes the path to success. It is important to master the analysis and thought process required to take risks. Choosing the right time and deciding on the appropriate risk can increase the success of strategic planning.

These tips and guidance cover the basics of strategic planning and tactics use. In order to be successful and improve in games, it is important to practice by taking these tips into consideration. You can get better in every game by improving your strategic thinking ability, making tactical decisions and gaining experience.

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