The Best Secret Missions to Discover in Ghost of Tsushima


The Best Secret Missions to Discover in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and released in 2020. Players control samurai Jin Sakai in this epic story set in 13th century Japan. The game also includes many secret missions as Jin fights to protect the island of Tsushima from Mongol attackers. In this article, we will review the best secret missions to explore in Ghost of Tsushima.

1. “Laid to Rest” – Encounter the Collapsed Temple

To discover this secret mission, you must complete the “Revenge for Hamamatsu City” quest from the Main Story Quests. Next, you should go to the “Oatuhime Shrine”, a collapsed temple located in the northern part of Tsushima Island. In this temple, you will discover the story of a mysterious ghost. By following the clues in the temple you will eventually find the ghost’s grave. Surprises will await you during this mission, so be careful.

2. “The Legend of Tadayori” – Uncover the Truth Behind the Urban Legend

This secret mission is designed for you to discover the story of Tadayori, a hunter who survived the attack of a robber in Ariake Valley. To discover this quest, you need to complete “Okanedera Temple” from the Main Story Quests. Then, head to the Lunar Temple to learn more about the urban legend. Here, as you follow Tadayori’s story, you will need to find clues to where he is buried.

3. “The Six Blades of Kojiro” – Track the Legendary Swordsman

This undercover mission involves tracking down Kojiro, a legendary swordsman in Tsushima. To discover this quest, you must complete “Akayama Groans” from the Main Story Quests. Then, a meeting will take place in the port of Kanazawa, south of Tsushima. In this meeting, you will get some clues about Kojiro’s fighting style. You will then need to carry out some secret missions to discover Kojiro’s location before having a duel with him.

4. “The Unbreakable Gosaku” – Find the Legendary Armor

In this secret mission, you hunt for the armor of the legendary samurai Gosaku. To discover this quest, you will need to complete “Mongol Trader” from the Main Story Quests. Afterwards, you must go to Azamo and learn the story of Gosaku by talking to the people there. By following some story-related clues, you will discover places where you can find Gosaku’s armor. Once the mission is completed, Gosaku’s armor will give you a solid advantage.

5. “The Heavenly Strike” – Learn the Legendary Technique

In this secret mission, you embark on an adventurous journey to discover “The Heavenly Strike”, a legendary attack technique that Jin can learn. To discover this quest, you must complete “Rescue Kutapper” from the Main Story Quests. Then, you must head south to Yagota Bay to track down someone who can teach you the technique. To learn the technique, you must solve various puzzles and fight battles. This is a great opportunity for Jin to further hone his fighting abilities.

Secret Mission Description “Laid to Rest” Discover the story of a mystical ghost in a collapsed temple. “The Legend of Tadayori” Uncover the story of the hunter Tadayori by following the urban legend. “The Six Blades of Kojiro” Track down and duel with the legendary swordsman Kojiro. “The Unbreakable Gosaku” Find and use Gosaku’s legendary armor. “The Heavenly Strike” Learn the legendary attack technique “The Heavenly Strike”.

Ghost of Tsushima offers gamers an unforgettable experience with its epic story and fascinating atmosphere. The above-mentioned secret missions are a great opportunity to explore the depths of the game and allow players to further develop Jin Sakai’s abilities. With these secret missions, you will experience the events on Tsushima island more closely and shape the fate of the samurai.

Many people are interested in history and are interested in the mysteries and secrets of the past. The pages of history are full of narratives and events from many different periods. Mankind’s discoveries, wars and adventures are the elements that shape these pages of history. Especially historical secret missions attract the attention of history lovers with their stories full of excitement and curiosity.

The Roots of Mysterious Quests

Secret missions go deep into history and take place in different periods. These tasks are secret and dangerous tasks given to individuals or groups. Secret missions are mostly tasks where activities such as intelligence collection, espionage, assassination and theft are carried out. Secret missions have taken place in many different periods, from ancient times to modern times.

The Best Secret Quests to Discover in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushimada is an action-adventure game set in historical Japanese times. This game tells the story of samurai warrior Jin Sakai. Jin tries to defeat his enemy and protect his people by taking part in secret missions. The game offers an experience that takes you into Japanese history with its realistic environment and challenging missions.

There are many secret missions to discover in the Ghost of Tsushimada game. These missions offer players different narratives, secrets, and rewards. While you witness the mysterious narratives of the past in the game, you also have the opportunity to experience the historical Japanese atmosphere.

Best Secret Missions in Ghost of Tsushimada

Below you can find the best secret quests you can discover in Ghost of Tsushimada:

Mission Name Description The Lost Sword In this mission you follow mysterious clues to find a lost sword. When you find the sword and defeat the enemies, you will win a great reward. The Ninja’s Betrayal In this mission, you become a ninja to uncover the secret enemies of the samurai warriors. You fight against assassins while protecting the public by solving conspiracies. The Haunted Temple In this mission, you explore a haunted temple. You must find secret passages in the temple and defeat the ghosts. In this challenging mission, you test your courage and skill.

Secrets of Secret Missions

Secret missions are full of secrets from the pages of history. While some of these missions are inspired by real historical events, some are completely fictional. But every secret mission has a purpose, and often has the potential to change the course of history.

Secret missions of history can influence the political events of that period, espionage activities or the decisions of the leaders of the period. These missions are often fraught with numerous dangers and require the help of brave and skilled individuals.


History pages are a book full of mysteries and secrets. Historical secret missions allow people to delve deep into the past and discover mysterious stories. Ghost of Tsushimada game also offers an exciting experience that opens the door to these pages of history. You can embark on an unforgettable adventure by putting yourself in the shoes of samurai warrior Jin Sakai. You should try this game to discover the secret missions of history and reveal its secrets!

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Secret missions are important elements that increase excitement and adventure in the Ghost of Tsushima game. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about the Best Secret Missions to Discover and explain how these missions can be completed. We’ll focus on the Wrong Path secret mission. This gripping mission offers players an unforgettable samurai experience.

Importance of Secret Missions

Secret missions offer gamers another adventure independent of the main story. Besides the main quests, it gives players the opportunity to explore and interact. Completing side quests unlocks more content in the game world and allows you to unlock items that will strengthen your character.

Ghost of Tsushima offers a vast open world that allows players to explore through secret missions. Wrong Path is one of the most prominent of these missions and has a unique story.

Wrong Path Secret Mission

Wrong Path is a mission where Jin Sakai tests his samurai skills. In this mission, Jin loses his way while defending against the increasing Mongols in the region and suddenly faces a group of enemies. He takes a detour to return home and has to defeat the enemies using his samurai skills.

During this mission, players can stealthily capture their enemies or attack them directly. Choosing the right spot to use Jin’s ninja abilities and direct his arrows towards enemies is crucial. Wrong Path requires players to master their samurai abilities and adopt the right strategy.

Quest Rewards

Players who complete the Wrong Path mission earn a number of rewards. They can unlock new items that will help players improve their samurai skills. Additionally, wykonnt article in English:v Guide added that Thanos’ mission in the high hill zone could cause significant damage to the surrounding area if not stopped. The area is densely populated, and there are vital infrastructure and resources at risk of destruction. The guide urged the gaming community to come together and thwart Thanos’ evil plan, ensuring the safety of innocent lives and the preservation of the high hill zone.

Ghost of Tsushima continues to fascinate game lovers with its mysterious and exciting missions. The best secret missions to explore in the game attract the attention of third-person shooter game lovers. Players feel like they are in the footsteps of a samurai with the depth of relationships between characters and the consequences of these missions.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Ghost of Tsushima’s most impressive secret missions and how the relationships between characters lead to consequences.

Nobu’s Betrayal

Nobu is a loyal samurai friend of Jin. However, as the game progresses, it is seen that the character undergoes an extraordinary change. Jin discovers Nobu betrayed Tsushima and confronts him. In this secret mission, players decide about Jin’s closeness to Nobu and how he will respond to him.

  • Jin may lose trust in Nobu and reject him from friendship, affecting their relationship.
  • By choosing to help Nobu, she is able to show him that she is innocent and preserve their bond.

This secret mission gives players a feel for how their characters will react and how those reactions will change as the story progresses.

Revenge with Yuna

Yuna is a thief in Tsushima known as the Lost Lady. She plays an important role in Jin’s story and connects with him in an intimate way. In the revenge mission, players team up with Yuna to fight against her enemies to achieve justice in Tsushima.

In this secret mission, players’ choices and interactions between Jin and Yuna affect the ending of the story:

  • By accompanying Yuna’s desire for revenge, Jin is able to support her and complete his own transformation as a ghost.
  • By not joining the quest, he can reject Yuna’s revenge plans and choose to follow the path of the hero.

These choices allow players to determine the strength of the character’s bond between Jin and Yuna, and their consequences shape the player’s play style.

Civil War with Ryuzo

Ryuzo is one of his closest friends on the island of Tsushima. However, in the game you face off against Ryuza to challenge Tataran’s rule. With their identities parting ways, you have the choice of forming a secret alliance or opposing Ryuzo. Players make tough decisions throughout this mission to determine the outcome of Jin’s relationships with Ryuzo.

  • By siding with Ryuzo, you can help him and strengthen his alliances.
  • You can test Ryuzo’s loyalty by forcing him to suffer the consequences of betrayal.

The decisions made in this undercover mission have an impact on Jin’s character development and reflect what direction players choose to take the story.

Consequences and Character Relationships

Secret missions in Ghost of Tsushima are distinguished by their consequences that dramatically affect the depth of relationships between characters and the course of the story. The decisions players make determine the fate of the characters and the salvation of Tsushima.

Secret Mission Character Relationship Consequences Nobu’s Betrayal Jin and Nobu Friendship or opposition Revenge with Yuna Jin and Yuna Support or rejection Civil War with Ryuzo Jin and Ryuzo Alliance or betrayal

These choices of the players affect the future of the characters, the bond between them, and the events that develop as the story progresses. Ghost of Tsushima’s secret missions are filled with these deep character relationships and consequences that make players feel like a true samurai.

Ghost Sign: Hints of Undiscovered Secret Missions

Ghost Mark: The Best Secret Missions to Discover

Ghost of Tsushima has become a production that attracts the attention of game lovers with its unique atmosphere, breathtaking views and impressive story. With this game, players control the character named Sakai Jin and step into an adventure set in the feudal period of Japan. Jin, known as the Ghost, fights to save his country from Mongol invaders.

In Ghost of Tsushima, there are many side quests and secret missions in addition to the main story. These secret missions offer players a movie-like experience and increase the depth of the game. Here are the tips for Ghost of Tsushima’s best undiscovered secret missions:

1. “Secret of the Sword” Secret Mission

  • Finding the Quest: First, you need to reach the Nohara Shipyard located in the southwest of Omi monastry. At this point, you must clear the Mongol soldiers around Kuta Village before you can start the mission.
  • Story of the Mission: Nohara Shipyard is overflowing with prisoners. Jin will show off his skills to free the swordsman Norio and save the shipyard from the Mongols. During this mission, Jin will also discover the secret of his own sword.
  • Quest Result: After completing the “Secret of the Sword” quest, Jin’s unique sword leap ability will be unlocked. This ability will allow him to defeat enemies more effectively and enrich his gaming experience.

2. “The Price of Betrayal” Secret Mission

  • Finding the Quest: From Hiyoshi Onsen Spa, you must head east to reach Yoshinaka Bay. At this point, a secret mission can be started in a village captured by the Mongols.
  • Mission Story: In the village in Yoshinaka Bay, Jin will find his comrade Kenji, who is being held in captivity, and will make an effort to free him. But the mission is filled with cunning traps set by the Mongols and Jin’s beliefs tested.
  • Quest Result: After completing the quest “The Price of Betrayal”, Jin will gain the “Stinking Blade” skill, a special sneak attack ability. Thanks to this ability, Jin will be able to neutralize enemies by injecting them with a slowing poison.

3. “Forgotten Island” Secret Mission

  • Finding the Quest: You’ll discover an island west of Tsushima as you head towards Red Leaf Shrine. This island is the main location of the “Forgotten Island” secret mission.
  • Story of the Quest: The atmosphere of the Forgotten Island is full of mystery and danger. Jin aims to reach this island to find the daughter of Masako, a samurai who has been captured and isolated by a secret sect in Japan. However, Jin is forced to fight the dangers inside the island and forgotten secrets are revealed.
  • Quest Result: After completing the “Forgotten Island” quest, Jin will be able to access the Surrender Paradise skill. Thanks to this skill, Jin will be able to attack and neutralize his enemies faster and more effectively.

4. “Return of the Dark Shadow” Secret Mission

  • Finding the Quest: Once you proceed to the Kushi Shrine southwest of Yarikawa, the secret quest “Return of the Dark Shadow” can be started.
  • Story of the Quest: Kushi Temple was occupied by the Mongol army and the priestess of the temple was taken prisoner. The mission involves a dangerous adventure in which Jin must save the temple from the Mongols and rescue the priestess. However, during this mission, Jin is forced to confront a dark entity from his past.
  • Quest Result: After completing the quest “Return of the Dark Shadow”, Jin gains access to the Stinking Shadow skill. Thanks to this skill, Jin instills fear in his enemies and can neutralize them faster.

Discover More!

Ghost of Tsushima offers players a rich world with different regions, characters and story elements. These secret missions allow players to explore the depths of the game and improve Jin’s abilities. These are just a few examples, and we encourage you to take the time to explore more of the game’s fascinating world. Get ready to witness the birth of the ghost!

Ghost of Tsushima is a compelling action role-playing game that offers an immersive journey into historical Japan. It takes players into the beauty and dangers of Japan, offering the opportunity to create your own samurai warrior. Players encounter many secret missions and side quests to explore beyond the main story. But one of Ghost of Tsushima’s most challenging secret missions is solving the secret behind the Treasure of Invincibility.

What is the Treasure of Invincibility?

The Treasure of Invincibility is considered a legendary treasure containing one of Japan’s historical secrets. This treasure has attracted the attention of many warriors with the claim of providing immortality. But in reality, the treasure holds great danger and has the ability to destroy the person who learns its secret.

How to Discover the Invincibility Treasure in Ghost of Tsushima?

To track down the Treasure of Invincibility, players must discover hidden locations and clues on Tsushima Island. These missions feature battles that test players’ skills and require strategic intelligence. These missions, embedded in the main story, allow players to further develop their warrior skills.

For example, by investigating the Mother Sword Temple, you can collect ancient papers and learn the locations of secret missions. You can also unlock new missions and explore different regions by establishing relationships with friendly characters. These missions take players to every corner of Tsushima Island, challenging them with challenging combat and unique puzzles.

Challenges of Invincibility Treasure Quests

Completing Invincibility Treasure missions requires players to use strategic thinking and complex combat skills. Each enemy has different combat tactics and abilities. Players must make the best use of the equipment they have to defeat their enemies and find their optimal path to capture the treasure.

In addition, the puzzles and mazes encountered in the missions engage the players in a challenging battle of wits. They need to use their thoughts quickly and accurately to find the right paths and solve the right combinations.

Rewards in the Invincibility Treasury

By completing the Treasure of Invincibility, players not only capture a legendary treasure but also earn great rewards. Cards obtained from completed missions provide the opportunity to unlock new abilities and give players an advantage to become an even stronger samurai in the world of Ghost of Tsushima.

Quest Number Quest Name Difficulty Level 1 Depths of the Temple Difficult 2 Secret Passages Medium 3 Revenge of the Travelers Difficult

  • Depths of the Temple: In this mission, you must enter a temple and deal with the difficulties and enemies inside. Towards the end of the temple, it will become increasingly difficult and you will encounter a big battle.
  • Secret Passages: You must make strategic planning to discover these passages hidden on Tsushima’s map and defeat the enemies hiding within them. You must use your intelligence to find ways and defeat enemies.
  • Revenge of the Travelers: In this mission, you must help the travelers who lost their way in a dark night. After one of the passengers goes missing, you must fight powerful enemies to find and protect him.

Ghost of Tsushima’s Invincibility Treasure missions provide players with an immersive combat experience. Combining strategy, thinking power and unique abilities, these missions offer players the chance to become the best in the world of Tsushima. Do you dare to face these challenging missions to solve the secret of the Treasure of Invincibility and achieve immortality?

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