Salt and Sanctuary: Aesthetic Aspects and Artistic Design of the Game


Salt and Sanctuary: Aesthetic Aspects and Artistic Design of the Game

Salt and Sanctuary is a platform game developed by Ska Studios and released in 2016. The game attracts attention with its unique world and artistic design. In this article, we will focus on the aesthetic aspects and artistic design of Salt and Sanctuary.

World Design

Salt and Sanctuary takes players into a deep and atmospheric world. The game takes place on Salt, an island where death and corruption reign. Players travel through various locations as they continue their adventures on this island full of dangerous creatures.

Each region has its own unique theme and atmosphere. For example, while navigating a decayed castle, players encounter a dark and eerie atmosphere. Another area is located deep in the forests and gives players a feeling of serenity and peace. The game’s world design creatively reflects the uniqueness and atmosphere of each location.

Character Designs

In Salt and Sanctuary, players can create and customize their own characters. The game features various classes and skill trees. This means that players can choose the style of play to suit themselves.

The character designs are made in an unusual and gothic style. The characters in the play are depicted in a dark and striking way. Various armors and weapons are also available in the game, and players can customize their characters as they wish.

Artistic Design

The artistic design of Salt and Sanctuary is eye-catching and impressively done. The game uses hand-drawn graphics and every detail is meticulously crafted. The designs of characters, backgrounds and creatures are used successfully to create a dark and gothic atmosphere.

Additionally, the game’s color palette and lighting are used effectively to capture the atmosphere. The colors of different places in the game are different from each other and provide the player with the feeling of that region. For example, when navigating a dark cave, colors may be duller and darker in tone, while in an open forest, colors may be more vivid and vibrant.

Animations within the game are also very important in terms of artistic design. The characters’ movements and attacks are depicted in a fluid and impressive manner. This allows players to become more invested during combat.

Game Interface and Menu Design

Salt and Sanctuary’s game interface and menu design is designed with a simple and user-friendly approach. The game’s main menu allows players to start the game, save, and access other options.

The in-game interface includes a bar that displays the character’s health and energy levels. Additionally, different menus such as equipment, abilities, and inventory are easily accessible. This helps players manage the game more effectively.

Music and Sound Design

Salt and Sanctuary’s music and sound design are used to complement the game’s atmosphere. The game’s music reflects a dark and gothic tone. The music of each region has been carefully selected to reflect the atmosphere and theme of that region.

In-game sound effects also add to the atmosphere. The sounds made by creatures, gunshots heard during combat, and other interactions allow players to become more involved in the game world.

Overall, Salt and Sanctuary is a game that pays great attention to aesthetic aspects and artistic design. The game’s world design, character designs, artistic design, game interface and menu design, music and sound design all come together to provide players with a deep and atmospheric experience. Salt and Sanctuary can be considered a game with an original and impressive artistic vision.

Drawing attention with its graphics and atmosphere, Salt and Sanctuary stands out with its visual quality and unique design that impresses its players, even though it is a 2D game. In this article, we will take a closer look at the aesthetic aspects of this game and its successful artistic design.

Image Quality and Graphic Design

Salt and Sanctuary uses a distinctive graphic style, which gives the game a characteristic atmosphere. The game is one of the best examples of 2D pixel art, and the details and visual effects creatively used with this method fascinate players. The detailed pixel designs of the characters and the world ensure that the game delivers a remarkable visual experience.

In addition, the game’s color palette is also visually rich. Each region is designed with unique colors, highlighting the different atmospheres of the game world. While deeper tones are used in scary and dark areas, brighter and more vibrant colors are seen in calm and safe areas. This use of color allows the player to dive deeper into the game world.

Artistic Design of the Game

Salt and Sanctuary’s artistic design is one of the important elements that complete the game’s atmosphere. The game uses gothic elements in a modern way and fascinates players with the stunning visual designs of the world design, characters and creatures.

Each area is architecturally unique and has a different atmosphere. Different areas such as gothic castles, dark forests and terrifying dungeons show the diversity of the game world. The designs of these different areas allow the player to lose themselves in exploring.

The character and creature designs in the game are also noteworthy. Carefully designed pixel art of the characters highlights the personality and style of each and makes players feel invested. The scary and impressive appearance of the creatures increases the excitement of the challenges in the game.

Atmosphere in the Game

The atmosphere of Salt and Sanctuary is created through a combination of graphics and artistic design. The dark and terrifying atmosphere in the game makes players feel tension. Challenging battles and dangerous enemies in the game world cause players to have an adrenaline-filled experience.

Besides this, the game’s environment and soundtrack also add to the atmosphere. Details such as the character’s steps, the rustle of the wind and the breathing of the enemies allow the player to become more immersed in the game. Music strengthens the atmosphere of the game and allows players to connect emotionally.

Aesthetic Aspects Artistic Design Atmosphere Unique use of pixel art Modern interpretation of Gothic elements Dark and tension-filled atmosphere Visual effects and details Diversity of different areas Adrenaline-filled experience in the game world Richness of color palette Character and creature designs Contribution of environment and music

The graphics and atmosphere of Salt and Sanctuary provide a unique visual experience that impresses players in harmony with the gothic and dark world that the game emphasizes. The aesthetic aspects of the game and its successful artistic design attract players and allow them to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game.

Salt and Sanctuary is an action role-playing game developed by Ska Studios. Although the game has many successful aspects, its aesthetics and artistic design attract particular attention. The color palette and visual effects used offer players a unique experience.

Color palette

Salt and Sanctuary is a game with a dark and gothic atmosphere. The color palette used to create this atmosphere is quite impressive. The game uses a color palette that generally prefers dark tones and natural colours. In this way, players feel like they are in a deep environment. At the same time, this gradation of colors further emphasizes the dark atmosphere of the game.

The most commonly used colors in the game include black, dark blue, dark brown and grey. These colors stand out both in the structure of the places and in the costumes of the characters. This chosen color palette reflects the wild and menacing nature of Salt and Sanctuary’s gothic world.

Visual Effects

Salt and Sanctuary is also very successful in the use of visual effects. These effects used in the game further deepen the atmosphere of the game and enrich the gameplay experience. The most striking of these are the lighting effects.

The dynamic lighting effects used in the game realistically reflect the light falling on the locations and characters. In this way, players are made to feel like they are in the game world. Dim lighting, especially used in castles or caves, offers the player an environment full of tension and mystery.

In addition, effects such as explosion, smoke, dust and rain are often used in the game. These effects provide a visual feast during the action-packed moments of the game and make the gameplay more impressive.

Artistic Design

Salt and Sanctuary also stands out for its artistic design. The locations, characters and enemies in the game are presented to the player with carefully designed details. The game’s visual style is created with hand-drawn graphics, further emphasizing the game’s gothic aesthetic.

The designs of the characters and enemies are also quite unique. Each character and enemy has a unique appearance and style. This increases the variety in the game and allows players to interact with their main characters.


Salt and Sanctuary is a game that stands out with its aesthetic aspects and artistic design. The color palette used in the game accurately reflects the dark and gothic atmosphere, while the visual effects offer players an impressive experience. In addition, the game stands out with its artistic design, and the locations, characters and enemies are carefully designed.

Overall, Salt and Sanctuary’s aesthetic aspects and artistic design enhance the game’s atmosphere and immerse players in an immersive world. With these aspects, the game offers a visually satisfying experience.

Salt and Sanctuary is a platform game created by Ska Studios. This game has an impressive artistic design, both visually and in terms of gaming experience. Salt and Sanctuary allows players to become hooked by offering a world full of quality graphics and original details.

A Visually Aesthetic Experience

The visual elements used in the game are combined to create an impressive atmosphere. A dark and gloomy world offers players a unique experience. Details such as lighting effects, shadows and teleportation add depth to the atmosphere of the game.

Salt and Sanctuary is known for its 2D pixel art style. This style creates a nostalgic feeling while adding depth and character to the game world. The essence of pixel art is to express things, often using simple forms. Salt and Sanctuary masterfully uses this aesthetic understanding to connect players with the entire world in an impressive way.

Additionally, the game’s locations and designs are also quite remarkable. Each region has its own unique style and theme. These carefully prepared areas keep players’ desire to move and explore alive. Transitions between different locations give the player the excitement of constantly discovering something new.

Original Artistic Details

Another aesthetic element used in the game is the designs of the characters and enemies. Each character is created with detailed pixels and has a unique personality. The animations of the characters are designed in a striking way, giving a real sense of presence while moving in the game.

The designs of the enemies are also fascinating and scary. Each enemy has a unique silhouette and fighting style. This allows players to develop a different strategy when fighting each enemy. The boss battles in the game are the pinnacle of artistic design. These battles provide players with an unforgettable experience.

However, the game’s interface design also contributes to an aesthetic experience. Menus and icons are designed in harmony with the theme and atmosphere of the game. This ensures that the game offers a holistic experience.


Salt and Sanctuary stands out as a game with a visually impressive artistic design. Graphics, details and locations come together to immerse players in an impressive world. The game’s character and enemy designs add a sense of reality to the aesthetic elements. All of this allows Salt and Sanctuary to deliver a unique experience that keeps players hooked.

The success of a game is not limited to its story or gameplay. Its aesthetic aspects and artistic design also enrich the gaming experience and draw the player in. Salt and Sanctuary achieves great success at this point. The artistic style and stylistic choices of the game not only offer a visual feast, but also reflect the depth of the atmosphere and the spirit of the game.

Artistic Style of the Game

Salt and Sanctuary is a metroidvania game among 2D platform games. The graphics, character designs and backgrounds are all hand-drawn. This shows that the game has its own style and unique atmosphere.

The color palette used in the game consists of very pastel tones. In this way, the world of the game creates a kind of gothic dream-like atmosphere. Each location and character design has been created with attention to detail and carefully shaped. In short, Salt and Sanctuary’s artistic style has a magic that draws the player in.

Stylistic Preferences

The characters and enemies in the game have a very diverse design. Each character is designed to fit into the game’s universe, both in physical appearance and clothing.

Enemy designs are also quite striking. Different types of enemies increase the difficulty level of the game, requiring the use of various strategies in the game. It is clear that the enemies are perfectly designed and fit into the game.

The stylistic choices used in Salt and Sanctuary are not limited to just the characters. The game’s locations are also very diverse and each offers a different atmosphere. High castles, dark caves, mystical forests and many other different locations create a world that the player will want to explore.

Influence of Artistic Design

Salt and Sanctuary’s artistic design adds greatly to the game’s atmosphere. Detailed character designs and carefully made drawings allow the player to become more connected to the game universe. It not only encourages the player to play, but also drives them to think and delve deeper into the game.

The influence of artistic design is also reflected in the story of the game. A dark and scary atmosphere reinforces the game’s theme of the war against evil. Detailed space designs reflect the richness of the world and the traces of the past and increase the curiosity of the player.


Salt and Sanctuary’s artistic style and stylistic choices give the game a unique look and atmosphere. The game’s detailed graphics, various character designs and various locations offer the player an unforgettable experience. Salt and Sanctuary can be considered not only a game but also a work of art with its aesthetic aspects and artistic design.

Salt and Sanctuary is a platform-action game that draws attention with its similarity to the Dark Souls series. This game, developed by Ska Studios and released in 2016, has managed to attract players with its deep game mechanics and impressive artistic design.

Character Design

Salt and Sanctuary offers players the opportunity to customize thanks to the character creation feature that offers a variety of playable classes. Each class offers the player a character with different abilities and playstyle. Besides the customizability, the character design is also quite impressive.

The game uses detailed and scary elements in the characters to create a dark and gothic atmosphere. The characters’ facial expressions, clothing, and weapons are carefully designed to present a “visual story” to the player. For example, the harsh gaze of a knight class character, his hunched posture due to the weight of his armor, and the huge sword in his hand show that he is a strong and determined warrior.

In addition, the details and color harmony in the characters’ clothes and weapons also provide aesthetic richness. Each character has a unique style, and this style reflects the character’s personality. For example, the clothes and weapons of a character from the ghost hunter class emphasize that he is a mysterious and dangerous character.

World Design

Salt and Sanctuary features a vast world that challenges players to explore challenging regions with different atmospheres. The world design of the game successfully reflects a gothic and ruined atmosphere.

When moving between levels, players navigate areas with different themes. Each zone offers a unique atmosphere with different color palettes, lighting effects and architectural structure. For example, while wandering around a ruined city, you may encounter gray tones, dim lighting and decayed structures. This immerses the player into the game world in an immersive way.

Additionally, secret passages and winding paths in the world also tie into the exploration element of the game. Finding the right path to progress and discovering secret areas rewards players with new equipment or abilities. This increases the game’s sense of tension and exploration.

Artistic Design

Salt and Sanctuary stands out as a superior game made with pixel art style. Each pixel is handcrafted in detail and impressively reflects the atmosphere of the game.

The color palettes, shadows and animations used in the game provide the player with a unique art experience. The characters’ movements and attack animations are carefully prepared and add a sense of realism to the game. Additionally, the details in the background graphics are eye-catching and bring the player one step closer to the game world.


Salt and Sanctuary is an impressive game with its character and world design. Offering a Dark Souls-like experience, the game attracts players with its deep game mechanics as well as its aesthetic and artistic design. Salt and Sanctuary offers both a stunning work of art and an immersive gaming experience.

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