Night Survival Guide in Outward Game


Night Survival Guide in Outward Game

Outward is a challenging survival role-playing game. Night survival is one of the toughest challenges in the game. In this guide, you will learn the key tips and strategies to survive the night in Outward.

1. Find Your Nightly Place

To survive the night in Outward, you must first find a safe boarding place. This could be a tent, a campfire, or some cave. Before finding your place to sleep for the night, examine your surroundings and consider potential hazards.

  • Tent: Setting up a tent is an ideal option for spending the night. The challenge of setting up a tent is gathering the various materials and setting them up correctly. You can at least stabilize your tent by purchasing nails and ropes.
  • Campfire: A campfire provides both light and warmth. To make a fire, it is necessary to collect materials such as wood and matches. Additionally, you should be careful and find safe ways to surround the fire.
  • Cave: Caves often provide a safe place away from enemies. However, caves can be unprotected, so care should be taken.

2. Light Sources

In Outward, you need light to survive at night. In addition to keeping you away from enemies, the light allows you to search and navigate. Light sources include lanterns, bottle lamps, and even spells.

  • Lanterns: Lanterns are a great option that can be easily carried and provide light. However, flashlights have a limited battery life, so you should manage your battery supply carefully.
  • Bottle lamps: Bottle lamps are a simple and effective light source that can be made from environmentally friendly materials. You need fire in your bottle lamp to burn the oil or corks.
  • Spells: Some characters can use special light spells. These spells consume mana to provide light, so you must be careful with mana regeneration.

3. Food and Water

Providing food and water is important for survival during the night. You must find food and drinks to replenish your energy and hydration for a long night.


  • Dried meat and fish: Dried meat and fish are foods that are easy to transport and store. This is a good option to replenish your energy.
  • Tumbleweed: A variety of tumbleweeds are found in the Outward game, and many of them are edible. In addition to providing energy, wild herbs can also provide some special effects.


  • Bottle lamps: Bottle lamps can be used to drink the water they contain. This provides many advantages regarding water supply.
  • Dal caves: Dal caves are safe places where you can save fresh water. Therefore, it is important to find one nearby so that you can survive the night.

4. Sleep

Another important aspect of surviving the night is getting a healthy sleep. Adequate sleep is important to replenish your character’s energy and health. In order to sleep, you need to find a reliable bed or sleeping surface.


  • Tents: Tents provide portable bedding surfaces that you can use night after night. Tents are ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Hotel or houses: Some towns may have hotels or houses. When you sleep in these places, your character wakes up faster and with more energy.

5. Avoiding Enemies

One of the most challenging aspects of surviving the night in Outward is avoiding enemies. It is difficult to see enemies in the dark, so you must be careful and apply the right strategies to avoid getting caught.

Avoidance strategies:

  • Avoid making sounds: Sounds attract enemies. Moving quickly, walking carefully, and avoiding combat can reduce your chances of encountering enemies.
  • Use shadows: Shadows prevent enemies from seeing you. If you can, try to dodge enemies using shadows.
  • Be quick and silent: Moving carefully and silently can help you escape from enemies. Run when necessary, but avoid making too much noise that could affect enemies around you.

6. Manage Your Time Well

Surviving the night requires good time management. You must use time effectively to meet your needs during the night and avoid potential dangers.

Time management tips:

  • Plan before the night: Plan what you want to do before the night comes. Determine your needs such as food, water supply, sleep and preparation for the night.
  • Spend the night productively: Take appropriate time to replenish your energy and health throughout the night. Once your needs are met, you can move on to other night-related tasks.
  • Consider risk factors: Consider risk factors before exaggerating potential dangers and weighing benefits. Consider the possible consequences in advance when performing a particular action.

Note: The strategies shared in this guide provide a general framework for the Outward game. It’s important to adapt it to your own play style and in-game situation.

It’s important to recognize that surviving the night in Outward is challenging. However, by applying the right skills and strategies, you can survive the night and continue your explorations. This guide will guide you on how to survive the night.

Outward is a challenging role-playing game in the survival genre. Surviving at night is one of the most important tasks because it is a time when enemies increase and dangers increase. In this guide, I will explain the tricks to successfully complete night missions.

Setting Up a Safe Camp

Instead of wandering around at night, setting up a safe camp is one of the most important steps. By building a tent or shelter, you can be protected from enemy attacks and spend the night safely. When setting up your camp, do not forget to light a fire that protects its surroundings. In this way, you will both stay warm and keep the enemies away by illuminating your surroundings.

Planning Night Missions

If you want to travel at night and complete missions, you should do it in a planned way. You can avoid enemies more easily by trying to time your missions during bright hours. You should also take a tactical approach, considering that you may encounter various traps and surprise attacks. When planning night missions, be sure to review your equipment and inventory to meet your needs.

Privacy and Mobility

Stealth and mobility are very important in night missions. Moving silently is essential to evading and defeating enemies. Determine the location of enemies by scouting in advance and approach strategic points carefully. Be careful not to make any noise and identify areas where you can hide when necessary. When you get close to enemies’ territory, use your advantage by sneaking in from behind them.

Equipment to Meet Needs

One of the tricks to having a safe night is to have equipment that meets your needs. Don’t forget the basics like a lantern for the night, ingredients for a campfire, food and water. Also carry emergency equipment such as vital medications and bandages. Also ensure that your equipment is functioning properly to meet your needs on night missions.

Managing Your Sleep and Energy Levels

Managing your energy levels is crucial during night missions. You can renew your energy by keeping your sleep hours regular. Having a sleeping bag and a mat will help you have a more comfortable sleep when you have the opportunity to sleep at night. Also, don’t forget to consume foods to keep your energy levels high. When you are tired, sleeping may be a wiser option than completing your tasks.

Technical Tips Tactical Tips

  • Use night vision goggles.
  • Buy a powerful weapon.
  • Be sneaky when approaching enemies.
  • Set traps.
  • Try to escape from enemies as much as possible.
  • Carry items that meet your needs.

Surviving the night is a challenging task in the game Outward. However, by following the tips we have shared in this guide, you can successfully complete your night missions. Establishing a safe camp, planning night missions, using stealth and mobility, carrying necessary equipment, and managing your sleep and energy levels will increase your chances of surviving the night. Plan your night adventures now and complete these challenging missions successfully!

Outward is a game where you try to survive against night hordes. Knowing how to get through the night is vital on this challenging adventure. In this guide, we will provide some tips and tricks to survive the night.

Choosing a Safe Camping Site

The first step to surviving the night is choosing a safe campsite. Stay away from open areas to avoid night swarms from attacking you. You can find a safe place in the shade of trees or in caves. However, check your surroundings well to make sure it is not a closed area.

Use of Weapons and Armor for Defense

An important way to stay safe against night hordes is to use weapons and armor. Get a weapon like a sword, spear or bow to protect yourself. It is also vital that you use armor that will protect your body. Be careful, because the condition of weapons and armor can deteriorate over time.

Tip: Repair your weapons and armor regularly and keep spare parts on hand if necessary.

Lighting a Fire and Lighting

Another effective way to keep night swarms away is to light a fire. Fire keeps wild animals away and provides you with light. You can feel safer by lighting a fire around your camp.

Tip: You can use fire stones or matches to start a fire.

Hiding Your Traces

Another important tactic in the fight against night swarms is to cover your tracks. Animals that hunt at night can easily follow human tracks. Try to pass without stepping on sand, grass or leaves to hide your footprints. Also, be careful not to leave anything behind in your camp.

Keep Your Load Light

It’s important to keep your load light when fighting night swarms. Overloading limits your mobility and makes you more vulnerable in times of danger. Take only essential items and keep weight to a minimum.

Beware of Local Dangers

Each region in Outward has its own unique dangers. In some areas you may encounter other dangers in addition to night swarms. For example, in a cold area you may be at risk of frostbite. Make sure you have the equipment and knowledge necessary to guard against local hazards.

Team Up and Collaborate

It can be useful to have a teammate with you when fighting for night survival. By acting together, you can share the dangers and be stronger against the night hordes. Cooperating increases your chances of survival and provides support in the challenging adventure.


Surviving the nocturnal hordes in Outward is a challenge. However, using these tips and tricks, you can get through the night and continue your adventure. Choosing a safe campsite, using weapons and armor, lighting a fire, hiding your tracks, keeping your load light, paying attention to local dangers and forming a team will give you an advantage. Using our night survival guide, you can deal with the nocturnal hordes and successfully progress through Outward.

Outward is a challenging open-world survival game, and surviving the night is one of the most challenging and important aspects of survival. In this guide, we will cover the best ways and strategies to survive the night.

Finding Light Sources

  • The most important thing to survive at night is to have light sources. The light will guide you as well as keep surrounding enemies away.
  • You need to find light sources such as portable flashlights, campfires or torches. These lights will keep you warm and keep enemies away as you guide you through the night.
  • You can carry extra candles or oils with you to provide even more light when needed. In this way, if your light source goes out during the night, you can immediately turn on a new light.

Setting Up a Safe Camp

  • It is important to set up a camp to spend the night safely. Your camp should provide shelter that will protect you from enemies.
  • Choosing a good campsite is critical to your survival. Choose a flat area and position yourself at a high point to observe your enemies around.
  • It is also important to light a fire when setting up camp. Your fire will keep you warm while also keeping critters away during the night.
  • But remember that lighting a fire can attract attention. Since there may be enemies around, keep your fire under control and set up in a secluded area if possible.

Beware of Infections

  • The challenges of surviving the night in Outward include infections. You may face the risk of infection when you are attacked by various monsters.
  • It is important to carry bandages and healing supplies to watch out for infections. You should treat your wounds immediately and minimize the risk of infection.
  • Since good health is an essential element of night survival, it is important to check your health regularly and eat well.
  • In addition, you need to find water sources and carry them with you to avoid being dehydrated throughout the night. Dehydration can weaken your body’s defenses and make it harder for you to survive.

Safe and Effective Weapons

  • An important aspect of surviving the night in Outward is being able to deal with enemies. That’s why you need to carry safe and effective weapons.
  • During the day, you can explore and collect weapons dropped from creatures to get a good weapon.
  • In the evening, you can make a camp and prepare a weapon to protect you for the night. Simple weapons like a sword or an iron club will do the trick.
  • However, you must be careful when using weapons and manage your energy correctly. If you run out of energy, you may become vulnerable and it may be difficult for you to survive.

Conclusion Surviving the night in Outward is a big challenge. However, it is possible to survive through the night using the methods we have covered in this guide. Finding light sources, setting up a safe camp, watching out for infections, and using effective weapons are the keys to surviving the night. By following these tips, you can defeat enemies and stay safe throughout the night. In addition to surviving, you can explore the unique world of Outward and continue your adventures.

Outward is a role-playing game that takes you into a brutal world to test your survival skills. Surviving the night is one of the main challenges to success. In this article, we will give detailed information about the dangers you need to pay attention to while surviving at night in the Outward game.

Choosing a Safe Camping Spot

The key to spending the night safely is choosing a suitable campsite. First, make sure you have a sufficiently flat area suitable for germination. Additionally, choosing a location close to a water source will help you meet your water needs.

However, you should be aware of the dangers when camping. Avoid camping near predators or groups of enemies. Also, consider the direction of the wind and be aware of hazards from bushes and tree branches.

Moonlight: Your Friend and Your Foe

In the game Outward, moonlight can be both friend and foe. Moonlight can give you difficulty in maneuvering during the night and help you spot your enemies more easily. However, you can also use moonlight to travel safely.

Try to spend as much of your precious time under the moonlight as possible. When you are actively spending the night, you have enough light to observe enemies and possible dangers lurking around you.

Food and Water Supply

Surviving the night means fighting hunger and thirst. Food and water supply are your most important needs at the beginning of the game. Learn to hunt for food or gather plants. By doing these, you can both suppress your hunger and protect your health.

Also, find water sources and learn to boil water over fire to make it safe. Pure water sources are vital to maintaining your health and provide a great advantage for night survival.

Be Prepared for Weather Conditions

Weather conditions overnight can affect your survival abilities. You should be prepared for the possibility of a significant weather change. For example, if you are going to have a cold night, it is important to keep warm by lighting a fire.

In some cases, severe weather conditions can also have a direct impact on night safety. Avoid natural disasters such as storms, lightning or tornadoes and anticipate possible dangers.

Make Sure Supplies Are in Good Condition

In Outward, having supplies in good condition is essential for survival. It is important to inspect beforehand and check if your belongings are damaged. Damaged equipment can put you at a disadvantage in surviving the night.

Also, make sure your survival kit is adequate for your needs. Don’t forget important items like good lighting, a sleeping bag, a water bowl, and basic first aid supplies.

Other Survival Skills

Besides surviving the night, your other survival skills are also important. Learn how to make a campfire, treat wounds, set traps, track and hone your tactical combat skills. These abilities will give you a huge advantage in surviving at night.

Danger Precaution Predators To keep your camp safe, light a fire and avoid the smell of food. Bad weather conditions Follow the weather forecast and stay in a safe place. Wild plants Learn to recognize plants and avoid dangerous ones.

The night survival guide in Outward is designed to help you understand the dangers you may face during the night. By following this guide and taking the necessary precautions, it will be easier for you to cope with the challenges of night survival. Remember, surviving at night, although a challenging experience, can be achieved with the right preparation and skills.

Outward is an expansive open-world role-playing game, and surviving through the night is an important part of testing your survival skills. Finding a suitable camping spot for the night will help you stay safe from danger and replenish your energy. In this article, you will discover the ideal camping spots that will facilitate your night survival in Outward.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Camping Site

Choosing a campsite is important to ensure you feel comfortable and safe throughout the night. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the ideal campsite in Outward:

  • Security: It is important that the area where you will camp is away from enemies and the risk of being attacked is low. If possible, it is recommended to choose an area surrounded by natural obstacles.
  • Water Source: Having a water source near the campsite makes it easier for you to obtain drinking and cooking water.
  • Food Source: It is important to have food sources near the camping area that you can hunt or easily gather.
  • Privacy: It may be helpful to choose a hidden location, using natural features such as trees or rock piles to make your camp invisible.
  • Environmental Conditions: You should take into consideration the climatic conditions of the area where you will camp. If you are in a cold area, you should prepare protective clothing and shelter appropriate for the temperature.

Ideal Camping Locations in Outward Game

In this section, you will discover the ideal camping spots that will facilitate your night survival in Outward:

Campsite Features Benefits Skycrown Mountains A mountainous area with high, rock peaks can be a safe and secret campsite. It provides food with abundant prey and vegetation. The view is magnificent. Marshlands Swamps: An area of ​​high grass and mud. It is a different option located away from traditional camping sites. You need to be careful against mosquito attacks. Suitable for salt water springs and mud fishing. Enmerkar Forests The region surrounded by large wooded areas and ponds offers a safe environment and food sources are abundant. At the same time, water resources are also convenient.

When camping, it is important to be careful and constantly pay attention to your surroundings. Additionally, you should be careful not to harm the environment when lighting a campfire and act in an environmentally responsible manner.

An essential part of surviving the night in Outward, Ideal Camping Locations take into account safety, water and food sources, privacy, and environmental conditions. Using this guide, you can safely survive the night in the world of Outward and continue your adventure.

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