Mafia III: Developers and Creators of the Game


Mafia III: Developers and Creators of the Game

Mafia III, released on October 1, 2016, is the 3rd game of the popular video game series Mafia. The developers of this game are Hangar 13 studio. The head of the creative team is game director Haden Blackman.

Haden Blackman is an American game producer and writer born in 1971. After graduating from San Diego State University, he started working at LucasArts. Blackman, who is the creator of the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which brings players to life in the Star Wars universe, has become an important name in the gaming world.

In Mafia III, he took on a role managing every step of the game’s development process. With his experiences and vision in game production, he ensured the successful implementation of “Mafia III”.

Hangar 13 is a video game development studio based in California. Founded by 2K Games in 2014, the studio undertook the development of the games Mafia III and Journay. Hangar 13 has become a studio known for its successful game productions.

The studio has made a great team effort during the development of Mafia III. A team of many experts, including graphic designers, software developers, story writers and animation experts, came together and worked together in the production of the game.

Mafia III was brought to life not only by the game director and studio, but by many creative people. Below are the names of some of the creators of Mafia III:

1. John Donovan (Character)

  • He is the mentor of Lincoln Clay, the main character of the game.
  • He is a retired CIA agent and a character who fights against corruption.

2. Remy Duvall (Character)

  • He is the main villain of the game.
  • He is the leader of New Bordeaux’s underworld.
  • He is a fugitive, robber and drug trafficker.

3. Vito Scaletta (Character)

  • He is a character that also appeared in previous series.
  • Vito, the main character in Mafia II, also appeared in Mafia III.
  • Lincoln is a character who helps Clay.

4. Jesse Hariston (Story)

  • He is the person responsible for the story creation of the game.
  • He played a huge role in the development of the characters and the writing of the plot.

The development process of Mafia III has been a very long and challenging process. Haden Blackman worked meticulously in creating the story and characters that will appear in the game. Blackman, a producer who pays attention to fine details, aimed to create a realistic New Orleans atmosphere in the game.

Work such as the graphic design of the game, the creation of the game engine and sound design also covered a long process. Elements such as the game’s visual effects, sound effects and music have been carefully created to complement the atmosphere of the game.

Many testing phases were also carried out throughout the development process of the game. The game has been improved by evaluating players’ feedback. Thus, a game that will meet the expectations of the players has been created.

Mafia III is a production developed by Hangar 13 studio and directed by Haden Blackman. When we look at the details of the game’s creators and the development process, we can see that it is a game created with great effort and meticulousness. Mafia III, as the continuation of a successful series, offered gamers a realistic gaming experience.

Mafia III is an action-adventure game published by 2K Games and developed by Hangar 13. This game offers gamers an unforgettable experience with its excellent story and impressive graphics. However, one of the most striking features of Mafia III is undoubtedly its music. The soundtrack of the game has been carefully selected and used to give players an extraordinary sound experience.

Story of the Game

Mafia III has a story set in the city called New Bordeaux after the Vietnam War. Players control Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran, and take on Clay’s quest to betray his criminal organization and take on gangs one by one to exact revenge. Since the game takes place in this world where illegal activities take place, music choices are also very important to reflect that atmosphere.

Music Compatible with the Game

Most of the music in Mafia III dates from 1968. In this year, in addition to the popular music of that period, genres such as blues, rock and soul were also very popular. The developers of the game carefully selected these genres to reflect the spirit and atmosphere of that period and used them at every moment of the game.

Especially the songs played on the game’s radio stations take players back to that period, adding even more depth to the game experience. The songs of famous musicians of that period, such as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin, not only enable the players to have an enjoyable time, but also reflect the social and cultural texture of that period.

The Relationship of Music to the Story

While the story of Mafia III deals with the dark side of the criminal world and moral quandaries, the music has been carefully chosen to support these themes. The story, which takes place in a world where violence and crime reign, becomes more emphatic when combined with music.

Blues and soul songs add depth to the play and also reflect the inner world of the characters. The sad and melancholy atmosphere of this genre helps players better understand the character’s emotional state. In addition, the rock music used in the action scenes of the game gives players an adrenaline-increasing experience.

Creators of the Game

The musical experience of Mafia III also depends on the game’s creators. Jesse Harlin, the music director of the game, worked diligently to ensure that the music was integrated into the game in the best possible way. Harlin’s successful musical choices play an important role in supporting the game’s atmosphere and story.

Additionally, the producer of the game, Hangar 13, aimed to create a cinematic feeling throughout the game. Therefore, music selections and uses are meticulously planned. The game’s sound design team also deserves praise for the unique sound effects they developed to provide players with an impressive audio experience.


Mafia III is a game that attracts attention not only with its gameplay but also with its music. The developers and creators of the game have made great efforts to provide players with an extraordinary audio experience. The music of the game further emphasizes the depth of the story by giving gamers an atmosphere of that period. For all these reasons, we can say that Mafia III is a game that offers an extraordinary sound experience with its music.

Mafia III offers a wonderful experience to gamers as a game with a realistic city atmosphere and detailed graphics. In this article, we will include detailed information about the developers and creators of Mafia III. Here is the story of the masters behind this unique game!

Developer Studio that Brings the Game to Life: Hangar 13

Mafia III is an action-adventure game published by 2K Games and developed by Hangar 13. Hangar 13 is a game studio located in Novato, California. Mafia III, the third game of the Mafia series, which has managed to capture the hearts of gamers, is one of the first major projects of Hangar 13.

Hangar 13 is a studio founded by 2K Games in 2014. The company’s goal is to provide players with realistic and immersive gaming experiences. Adopting a unique approach to gain the appreciation of gamers, Hangar 13 continues to produce successful productions.

Creators and Team

Mafia III’s creative and developer team is one of the most important factors that determine the quality and success of the game. Here are the main creators of Mafia III:

Creator Haden Blackman Executive Producer Mat Kraemer Creative Writer William Harms Playwright Jesse Harlin Music Director Jonathan Mayer Sound Designer Bill Harms Voice Writer

Each of the names listed above are talented and experienced individuals who contribute to different aspects of the game. As the game’s executive producer, Haden Blackman oversaw all phases of the project and made the decisions necessary for the game’s success. Likewise, Mat Kraemer and William Harms; They played a major role in creating the game’s story and characters.

The atmosphere of Mafia III and the music that helps players establish an emotional connection were directed by Jesse Harlin. The sound effects in the game were designed by Jonathan Mayer and were carefully selected to provide a realistic experience. Additionally, Bill Harms played a major role in voicing the characters and writing their dialogue.

Detailed Graphics and Realistic City Atmosphere of Mafia III

Mafia III is a game that attracts attention with its detailed graphics and realistic city atmosphere. Players embark on an adventurous journey in a fictional city called New Bordeaux in 1968. The game takes place in the post-Vietnam War period and tells the story of Lincoln Clay, a black main character.

Hangar 13 paid great attention to graphics during the development process of the game and created a fascinating city environment with its details. The buildings, streets, vehicles and character models in the game have achieved great success in terms of realism. Additionally, the detailed city atmosphere, which increases the pace of the game and draws players deeper into New Bordeaux, is one of the most important factors in the success of the game.

Mafia III offers an experience that meets the expectations of gamers with its realistic city atmosphere and detailed graphics. The creators of Hangar 13 and their team have put a lot of effort into creating this unique game. Mafia III has earned a rightful place in the hearts of gamers as a successful work.


Mafia III provides players with an unforgettable experience with its realistic city atmosphere and detailed graphics. Hangar 13 has worked with talented creators and an experienced team to successfully develop this game. Mafia III is the result of the efforts of every person who created this unique game and is highly appreciated by gamers. Hopefully, the success of this great third game in the Mafia series will provide Hangar 13 with the opportunity to work on even bigger projects.

  • Mafia III offers a fascinating experience with its realistic city atmosphere and detailed graphics.
  • Hangar 13 is the developer and primary creator of the game.
  • The game’s developer team includes talented names such as Haden Blackman, Mat Kraemer and Jesse Harlin.
  • Mafia III is published by 2K Games.

Mafia III is the third game in the popular video game series Mafia and was developed by Direct Entertainment. The game manages to fascinate players with a mysterious storytelling, deadly conflicts and dynamic gameplay leadership. The developers and creators of Mafia III have worked with great dedication and meticulousness to achieve these impressive features of the game.

The Story of Mafia III

Mafia III takes place in 1968 in the fictional city of New Bordeaux, located in the southern United States. Players step into the shoes of Lincoln Clay, who returns from the Vietnam War and has his family betrayed. After being betrayed by mob leaders, Lincoln becomes a warrior seeking revenge.

Storytelling is one of the main features of the game. A complex story involving conspiracies, betrayals and revenge takes players on a fascinating journey. The depth of the characters and their relationships allow players to empathize and follow the development of events more closely.

Deadly Conflicts

Mafia III is a tight action game and deadly conflicts have an important place in the game. Players try to defeat their enemies using a variety of weapons. There are many ways to neutralize your enemies in the game with realistic bullet effects and body features.

Additionally, there are various items that allow you to get rid of enemies using stealth tactics and strategies. The game provides players with an active gameplay experience and allows them to manage conflicts in a realistic way.

Dynamic Gameplayleading

Mafia III offers players the opportunity to take the lead in gameplay. As Lincoln Clay, players take on the role of a powerful leader in the game world. He can establish his own mafia gang, make strategic decisions and expand his sphere of influence. It is also possible to make alliances with other characters to expand your own gang and prevail against your enemies.

Players can also explore the city of New Bordeaux, engage in side quests, and interact with many influential people around the world. This allows players to freely roam and explore the neon-lit streets within the game.

Features of Mafia III Intense storytelling Tight action and deadly conflicts Gameplay leadership and interaction Realistic graphics and details Fascinating environment and atmosphere

  • Various weapons and tactics can be used in the game.
  • Players can make strategic decisions that can affect the course of the story.
  • Players take on the role of a powerful leader in the mafia world.
  • Conflicts can be managed realistically in the game.
  • As Lincoln Clay, players embark on a thrilling journey as they pursue their path of revenge.

Mafia III stands out as a game that successfully combines deadly combat and dynamic gameplay leadership. The developers and creators have gone to great lengths to ensure that players can have a memorable experience. The game’s impressive story offers a world that draws players in with its deadly conflicts and leadership ability.

Mafia III is an action-adventure game developed by 2K Games and released in 2016. The game is about a Vietnam War veteran named Lincoln Clay’s quest for revenge in the world of organized crime. The developers and creators of the game have done detailed research and consulted historical references to realize this project.

Related Research

The developers of Mafia III have done meticulous research to create the realism and atmosphere of the game. It was determined as an important goal for the play, which takes place in the 1960s, to accurately reflect the America of that period. Therefore, the development team examined a number of sources to understand the social, political and cultural environment of that period.

In the game’s scenario, there is a fictional city called New Bordeaux. The development team took the city of New Orleans as an example to create the city structure of the game. New Orleans had great ethnic diversity in the 1960s, which played an important role in the game’s storytelling. The districts in the city are similar to the real districts of that period, which offers players a more realistic gaming experience.

Historical References

Mafia III is influenced by real historical events, and there are various references to these events in the game. Issues such as racial discrimination and the struggle for civil rights, especially in America, have an important place in the main theme and story of the play.

References Examples 1964 Murder of Medgar Evers The play tells the story of the assassination of a black civil rights activist named Medgar Evers. 1963 Ku Klux Klan Church Attack The play contains scenes in which the Ku Klux Klan carries out a hostile attack against black people. 1964 Freedom Summer The play is about the agents sent by the FBI to Mississippi to support the civil rights movement.

Such historical references are intended to make players feel the complex and tense atmosphere of America in the 1960s. At the same time, by drawing attention to racial discrimination and the struggle for civil rights, the game tried to raise awareness of the players about historical realities.

Developers and Creators

Many talented people and teams were involved in the development of Mafia III. The studio, Hangar 13, served as the main developer of the game. 2K Games supported the project as a publishing company. The executive producer of the game is Haden Blackman and he stands out as the leader of the team dealing with the game’s scenario.

Voiceover work is of great importance in the game. Well-known actors were chosen to voice the characters. For example, voice actor Myron Cope, who played Lincoln Clay, provided realism and emotional connection to the game.

The creators of Mafia III believe that music plays an important role in enhancing the atmosphere of the game. The game’s music list consists of popular songs from the 1960s, thus reflecting the spirit and style of that period.

In this way, the developers and creators of Mafia III aimed to offer players a realistic gaming experience and convey the social, political and cultural environment of that period, thanks to detailed research and historical references.

Mafia III is an action-adventure game developed by 2K Games and released in 2016. The developers and creators of the game are Fatoş Soğancıoğlu and Deniz Gezmiş. In the game, which takes place in the fictional city of New Bordeaux, players control a character named Lincoln Clay, who fights against the world of organized crime in the late 1960s. Mafia III not only offers exciting game mechanics, but also stands out with its innovative storytelling and character developments.


Mafia III has two different gameplay drivers: side quests and main story. The main story allows players to gradually advance to discover the story of Lincoln Clay. The game tells the story of Lincoln Clay’s rise in the criminal world after returning from the Vietnam War. Our main character, an African-American war veteran, struggles with his feeling of inadequacy while trying to achieve success in the city of New Bordeaux, dominated by criminal gangs and racism.

One of the biggest innovations in the game is that the story is based on choices. Players can cooperate with different criminal gangs or pit them against each other to help Lincoln get his revenge. These choices allow players to effectively make decisions in the game world and shape the story according to the player’s preferences.

Character Developments

Mafia III takes a big step forward in character development compared to previous games. Lincoln Clay’s experiences and decisions throughout the game affect his personality and abilities. Players can customize Lincoln with different skill trees that they can use to improve his weapon abilities, learn new tactics, and take on the criminal underworld in New Bordeaux.

Ability Category Description Weapon Skills Improves Lincoln’s weapon handling and combat abilities. Driving Skills improves Lincoln’s driving abilities and increases his driving skills. Assassination Skills enhances Lincoln’s ability to focus on the target, move stealthily, and assassinate. Infrastructure Development enhances Lincoln’s abilities to expand his criminal organization and increase his control.

  • The Weapon Skills skill tree allows the player to use Lincoln’s firearms more effectively. They can gain abilities such as locking on new weapons and firing faster.
  • The driving skill tree allows the player to improve Lincoln’s driving skills. Abilities such as unlocking new vehicles, better car control and faster driving can be achieved.
  • The Assassination skill tree allows the player to improve Lincoln’s assassination skills and stealth abilities. They may have abilities such as making quieter assassinations and crawling faster.
  • The infrastructure development skill tree helps the player grow Lincoln’s criminal organization and increase its profits. They can unlock abilities such as owning more criminal gangs and generating better income.

Mafia III offers players a deep gaming experience with innovative storytelling and character development. The developers and creators of the game provide a unique experience by allowing players to shape the story and character based on their preferences. Mafia III is a masterpiece that stands out with its thought-provoking story and impressive character development.

Mafia III: Developers and Creators of the Game, Mafia III: Offers an Extraordinary Sound Experience with the Game’s Music, Mafia III: A Gaming Experience Equipped with Realistic City Atmosphere and Detailed Graphics, Mafia III: Deadly Conflicts and Dynamic Gameplayleading, Mafia III: Extraordinary Made with the Developers of the Game Research and Historical References, Mafia III: Innovative Storytelling and Character Developments


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