In-Game Tips and Tips for Prey Game Player


In-Game Tips and Tips for Prey Game Player

Prey is a first-person science fiction action game released in 2017. This game offers players an exciting experience while also testing their strategy and puzzle-solving skills. Here are some in-game tips and suggestions you can use to succeed in Prey:

1. Research Carefully

Prey has a detailed game world, and carefully investigating your surroundings will give you a great advantage. By checking cabinets, shelves and drawers you can discover secret rooms and find usable items. At the same time, diaries and notes in the game world can also provide you with clues.

2. Use Your Skill Points Well

Since Prey is a skill tree-based game, it is important to distribute skill points correctly. Initially, you will have to choose between several different trees with different abilities. As you progress through the game, you can spend the skill points you earn directly to unlock new skills.

Skill Tree Traits Architect Ability to repair and modify structures Warrior Strong combat skills against Creatures Fisherman Ability to use telekinesis to jump or grab objects in the environment Extinctionist Ability to destroy creatures with weapons

3. Refresh Your Equipment

Prey comes with a variety of weapons, armor, and other equipment. You can obtain these equipment from enemies or places in the game world. It is important to constantly renew your equipment because you will encounter stronger enemies in the game. You can also modify your equipment to deal higher damage or provide better protection.

4. Studying Enemies and Creating Strategies

Prey offers players the opportunity to fight against different creatures. Each enemy has unique strengths and weaknesses. Studying enemies and learning about their strengths helps you strategize. For example, some enemies may be immune to fire, while others may be vulnerable to some special weapons.

5. Use the Environment

Since Prey has an interactive environment, it’s important to use the environment to your advantage. For example, you can move surrounding objects to trick enemies or damage them using your telekinesis ability. Additionally, finding secret passages and tunnels in the environment will give you an advantage.

6. Be Careful and Enforce Privacy Policy

Prey gives you the option to run away from your enemies or fight them. Acting stealthily without your enemies noticing can be a better option in some situations. Thanks to the learning ability, you can understand the movement patterns of enemies and use this knowledge to avoid or defeat them.

7. Finding Hidden Missions

In addition to the main story, Prey also includes a number of secret missions. To find these secret missions, you must carefully investigate your surroundings and follow the clues. Secret missions give you extra rewards and further enrich the gaming experience.

8. Use Resources Effectively

In the game, you can collect resources such as health packs, bullets and energy batteries. It is important to use these resources carefully. Especially in the beginning, your resources may be limited, so it’s important to use them efficiently. You can also use factories to recycle resources and turn unused or unnecessary items into useful materials.


Prey is a successful science fiction action game that offers players a fascinating gaming experience. By taking into account our in-game tips and suggestions, you can understand the game better and be successful. Carefully explore your surroundings, use your skill points wisely, renew your equipment, examine enemies and follow the principle of stealth. By carefully considering and strategizing each step, you can achieve success in the exciting world of Prey.

Equipment and Weapon Management Tips

Prey is a game that combines exciting elements of science fiction, horror and action. You try to survive on a dangerous space station by guiding a character named Morgan Yu.

To survive throughout the game, you need to skillfully manage your equipment and weapons. In this article, I will offer some tips and recommendations for equipment and weapon management in the game Prey. Here are some tactics that will help you become a successful Prey player:

1. Choose Your Equipment Carefully

Prey offers different types of equipment and each has different features. It is important to choose equipment that suits your playing style. For example, if you want more durability, you should choose armor, while if you prefer to move stealthily, you should choose lighter and quieter shoes. You can gain an advantage according to your playing style by choosing equipment that suits your needs.

2. Refresh Your Equipment

Prey allows you to unlock more powerful equipment as you level up and complete missions. Once you have enough resources and materials, you should upgrade your equipment regularly. You can increase the damage of your weapons, increase the magazine capacity or bullet speed. This way you can deal with enemies more effectively.

3. Manage Your Munitions Well

It’s important to use your muni{“ş”}ions efficiently, because muni{“ş”}ions are limited in Prey. You must have good marksmanship skills to shoot at your targets and not waste time. You can also diversify your weapons by using different types of weapons and switch to different weapons when needed.

4. Organize Your Attack Plan Well

In the Prey game, you must carefully organize your attack plan against your enemies and act strategically. You can gain an advantage by discovering a weak point of your enemies. For example, some enemies can stop you using their psi power, in which case you can neutralize them using one of their electric weapons. Planning your attacks and knowing your enemies’ weak points gives you a huge advantage.

5. Use Tips to Find Resources

You need resources to survive in Prey. There may be resources hidden in different places around. Search the lockers, there may be valuables and resources inside portable lockers or chests. You can also obtain resources by killing your enemies. You can find resources faster by using the clues that mark the location of resources on the map.


Equipment and weapon management are vital in the Prey game. You must choose your equipment carefully, upgrade it regularly, manage your units well, and organize your attack plan well. Finding resources correctly is also important for survival. By following these tips and recommendations, you can become a successful player in the game Prey and manage to survive on the dangerous space station.

Prey is a first-person shooter (FPS) video game with psychological thriller elements. It takes place on a space station where players must explore, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. In this article, we will present some strategies you can use to solve puzzles in the game Prey.

Game Overview

Prey offers a science fiction story where players begin by waking up on a space station called Talos I. The aim of the players is to solve the mysteries of the station, deal with the monsters and survive. Puzzles, secret passages and doors you need to unlock are among the core gameplay elements of the game.

Strategies for Solving Puzzles

Puzzles are an important part of the Prey game and can be quite challenging at times. Here are some strategies that can help you in your puzzle solving process:

1. Research Your Surroundings

Since Prey is an exploration-based game, it’s important to investigate your surroundings. Notes, diaries and clues found around may contain information that will help you solve puzzles. Don’t forget to also check items like cabinets, shelves, and desk drawers.

2. Follow the Tips

Closely following the clues given to you in the game can help you in solving puzzles. Clues can often come in the form of written notes, graffiti, or conversations. These tips can lead you to the solution by providing the right guidance.

3. Use Your Skills

Your character has various abilities in the game. These abilities can help you solve puzzles. For example, you can overcome obstacles by hiding inside the station with your ability to adapt to the environment, or you can continue your way by moving objects inside the station using your telekinesis ability. You can try different approaches to solve puzzles using your skills.

4. Think Creatively

Some of the puzzles may require thinking outside of traditional solutions. Therefore, it is important to use your creative thinking ability. For example, if you are looking for a code to open a door, it may be a code, or meaninglessly placed items in the room may have meaning. Thinking thoroughly and exploring possible solutions can sometimes lead you to your goal.

In-Game Tips and Suggestions

Besides the puzzles, there are also some tips and suggestions that can help you with the overall gameplay of Prey:

Tips Suggestions Watch out for cameras in the corridors. Carefully search for charcoal black destructible objects. Discover enemies behind facial expressions. Move silently and remain stealthy. Manage resources and ammunition. Use energy and health restoration stations frequently. Use the area map. Make a strategic retreat when you encounter multiple enemies.

In the Prey game, you can have a tense experience by solving puzzles, advancing the story and surviving. By using these strategies and suggestions, you can achieve smoother gameplay and enjoy the game more. Enjoy!

For players, stealth and hiding are one of the most important elements of survival in Prey. The game’s atmosphere and story make players constantly targets of hunters, while stealth and hiding tactics are the keys to avoiding enemies and surviving. In this article, we will examine effective stealth and hiding tactics for players in the game Prey.

What is Privacy and Concealment?

Stealth in Prey allows you to move without enemies noticing you. You need to stay hidden by staying away from enemies, making no noise and remaining invisible. Hiding allows you to choose the right places or hide yourself to prevent enemies from reaching you.

Privacy and Hiding Tactics

In the Prey game, you can avoid enemies and complete missions by successfully applying stealth and hiding tactics. Here are some effective tactics you can use for a successful gaming experience:

1. Move Without Making Noise

Being quiet in the game world is the key to survival. Enemies may hear you and head towards your location. Be careful to move slowly and quietly to avoid making noise. You can also sneak around your enemies without seeing them.

2. Use Transparency Petticoat

In the game Prey, the transparency combination grants you invisibility. By using this combination, you can prevent your enemies from seeing you and escape from them. However, remember that you can use its effect for a limited time. Drive carefully and make great escapes.

3. Examine Enemy Patterns

Learning the movement patterns of enemies is the best way to evade them. Observe enemies, follow their steps, movements and behavior. This way, you can sneak or escape knowing the optimal times and places.

4. Study Maps

Examining the game’s maps will show you existing dangers and hidden waypoints. Therefore, carefully examining the details on the maps will give you an advantage. You can avoid enemies and reach targets more easily by passing through secret tunnels, air vents or back doors.

5. Use Hidden Paths

There are secret passages and tunnels in most parts of the Prey game. These secret paths give you the opportunity to escape from enemies or advance faster. You can discover secret passage points by climbing walls or floating in the air.

6. Fight Only When Necessary

The best way to avoid enemies is to sneak up on them, not fight them when necessary. Only resort to combat as a last resort and use weapons when necessary. Noise and movement can put you at a disadvantage against enemies, so opt to fight only when necessary.

7. Meet Your Needs

It is important that you always have enough resources to hide and escape from enemies. Meet your needs by collecting energy or health packs. Additionally, you can gain tactical advantages by using the materials and items around you.


In the Prey game, stealth and hiding play an important role to survive and complete missions successfully. Using the above tactics, you can escape from enemies, access secret areas and achieve objectives. Be quiet while hiding, follow patterns and discover hidden paths. In this way, you can achieve success in the world of Prey.

Tips for Gathering and Transforming Resources in Prey Game


Prey is a first-person horror and adventure game developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. This game, in which players find themselves in a space station, offers a story full of survival struggle and mysterious beings. Collecting and transforming resources is vital to succeeding in the game.

Fundraising Tips

Collecting resources in the game is very important for survival and progress. Below are some tips to consider during the fundraising phase:

  • Everything in the game can be a potential resource, so you should investigate each area carefully.
  • Places like bookcases, office desks, drawers, and closets are often full of resources.
  • You can increase your chances by lifting items or digging around to collect resources instead of hitting them directly.
  • Examining discarded items on the floor and around can also help you find additional resources.
  • Searching the corpses of enemies and taking valuable items from them is also important for gathering resources.

Source Conversion Tips

After collecting resources, you can transform these resources into different materials through a transforming station in the game called “Recycler”. Below are some tips to consider during the source conversion phase:

  • Crafting resources is one of the most effective ways to obtain materials needed for new items, weapons, or other needs.
  • Next to the Recycler, there is also another station called the “Fabricator”, which has materials suitable for recycling.
  • Transforming unnecessary or excess items can allow you to obtain even more valuable resources.
  • “Disassembling” all items before transmuting can allow you to obtain more materials. You can also use the corpses of enemies for this purpose.

Table: Main Resources Available in Prey Game and Conversion Rates

Source Type Conversion Rate Metals (Example: Rotten Porium) 1 Porium = 1 Metal Oil (Example: Crushed Porium) 1 Porium = 0.5 Oil Electronic Part (Example: Round Circuit) 1 Circuit = 2 Electronic Part Bullet (Example: Neutronic Charge) 1 Load = 9 Bullets


In the game Prey, gathering and transforming resources has become an essential skill for players to survive and progress. Researching resources, being aware of potential resources, and being creative in converting them will help players succeed in the challenging station adventure. Therefore, it is important for players to consider these tips carefully.

Prey is a horror-action video game developed by Arkane Studios in 2017. In the game, you have to survive against deadly beings roaming around a dangerous space station. Below we will offer you a few important tips to facilitate the process of survival and development.

Prepare and Plan

Prey is a challenging game that tests your survival skills. To be successful, you need to be prepared and make a plan in advance. Here are some tips for you:

  • Find out where to go on the space station. Explore the map and find routes that access various areas.
  • Choose the items you use carefully. Make good use of what you have because resources are limited.
  • You can go through different paths to reach a particular goal. Determine the most effective route, considering possible obstacles and enemies.
  • Gather helpful resources, do your research, and use your environment wisely. Tip: You can get new abilities and more resources by researching dead enemies.

Hiding and Evading Enemies

Enemies in Prey are quite dangerous and can be difficult to deal with. So sometimes the best strategy is to run away from enemies and hide. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Avoid making noise. Drawing attention can make you a target of enemies.
  • Observe the movements of enemies and find out when they notice you. It will be easier for you to escape with this information.
  • Use existing items to camouflage when you need it. Use this ability to prevent enemies from noticing you.
  • If you are caught by an enemy, take control of the enemy by pressing ‘Q’ before being released.

Using Items and Evolution

To survive in Prey, you need to use the items you find effectively. Additionally, it is important to realize your abilities in order to grow stronger and grow. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Recycle your resources using the recycling machine and spend them to produce the items you need.
  • You can disable the security system or target enemies by using telegraph lines.
  • Find hidden areas and hidden items using the detectability module.
  • Improve your skills to defeat enemies and survive. Choose the one that suits you best in the skill tree and improve it.


Since Prey is a game that tests your survival, development and strategic thinking skills, the above tips can help you succeed. Remember, careful planning, stealth, evading enemies and using resources effectively are essential to success. Have a good game and good luck!

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