Different Weapons and Equipment Used in Bulletstorm


Different Weapons and Equipment Used in Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm is a science fiction action game developed by Epic Games and produced by People Can Fly. The game is a first-person shooter where players collect points based on creative killing techniques and are rewarded with high scores. There are many different weapons and equipment in the game, in this article we will explain the most remarkable weapons and equipment of the game in detail.

1. Peace Maker Carbine

The Peace Maker Carbine is one of the most frequently used weapons in the game. This rifle stands out with its ability to fire quickly and deal high damage. It is also a favorite among players thanks to its ability to effectively target long-range enemies.

2. Flailgun

Flailgun is a weapon used to inflict great damage on your enemies. This weapon launches large explosives and uses the steel balls dispersed as a result of the explosion to shatter enemies. Therefore, it is known as a powerful and intense offensive weapon.

3. Screamer

The Screamer is one of the most innovative weapons used in the game. This weapon is a type of laser gun that sends energy waves at enemies. Players can use energy waves to incapacitate their enemies or launch them into the air. The Screamer is an ideal weapon for using creative killing techniques in Bulletstorm.

4. Bouncer

Bouncer is a type of rocket launcher used in the game. This weapon is capable of damaging enemies with large explosions. Additionally, you can quickly target and neutralize enemies thanks to the ability to launch rockets at high speeds.

5. Leash

Leash is a piece of equipment used in the game and is used to attract or throw enemies. This feature allows players to target and neutralize enemies more easily. You can also use Leash on enemies to lure them into defense systems or dangerous areas.

6. Violator

Violator is a sniper rifle used in the game. This rifle has the ability to effectively target enemies from a distance. Additionally, you can inflict great damage on powerful enemies thanks to its armor-piercing bullets.


Thumper is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This weapon fires a large ball of energy that launches enemies into the air. It can also create a large explosion around fallen enemies, damaging other enemies in the area.

8.Charge Shot

Charge Shot is another interesting weapon used in the game. This weapon is a type of laser gun that shoots energetic projectiles at enemies, creating an explosion effect. Additionally, with Charge Shot, you can create energetic explosions that cause great damage to enemies.

9. HeadHunter

Head Hunter is a sniper rifle used in the game. This weapon has the ability to explode enemies’ heads. You can also try more creative killing techniques and increase your scores by interacting with your enemies.

Weapon/Equipment Features Peace Maker Carbine Rapid fire, high damage Flailgun Large explosions, effective dismemberment Screamer Energy waves, throwing at high angles Bouncer Large explosions, fast aiming Leash Pulling enemies, throwing enemies Violator Sniper, armor-piercing bullets Thumper Energy cannon that launches into the air , zone effect Charge Shot Energized laser, explosion Head Hunter Head blast, creative killing techniques

In this article, we gave information about the most remarkable weapons and equipment used in the Bulletstorm game. Considering the unique characteristics of each weapon and the opportunities it provides in-game, it is of great importance for players to use these weapons correctly and develop creative killing techniques. Remember, you must use these weapons and equipment skillfully to collect more points in the game!

Video games are a platform that opens the doors to an exciting world and offers players the opportunity to explore the limits of different abilities. Among these games, Bulletstorm is a production that stands out with its quality graphics, impressive story and unique weapons. In this article, we will focus on the different weapons and equipment used in the Bulletstorm game.

Gauss Gun

Gauss Gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Featuring a high-energy electromagnetic pickup, this rifle is very effective at laying waste to enemies. The bullets fired by the Gauss Gun move quickly towards the target and destroy enemies with a huge explosion. This weapon is ideal for perspective attacks and will help you defeat the game’s tougher enemies.


The Flailgun is an impressive weapon that offers a unique attack style in the game. This rifle fires bullets at enemies, dealing massive damage. He can also grab objects in the environment and throw them towards enemies, creating explosions. Flailgun is a versatile weapon that allows you to develop various strategies.


The Penetrator is a weapon that has a special bullet that stops and pierces enemies. By aiming with this weapon, you can penetrate walls and obstacles and damage the enemies behind it. You can also pin enemies to walls and neutralize them by aiming accurately with the Penetrator.


The Boneduster is one of Bulletstorm’s standout weapons. This weapon is capable of emitting a wide shockwave that is highly effective in close combat. When you shoot enemies at close range with Boneduster, you can charge them with electricity that knocks them down. This situation provides an important opportunity to neutralize the surrounding enemies.


Decoy is a piece of equipment that can be used by players to neutralize enemies. By placing this device at different points, you can mislead the enemies and neutralize them. Decoy provides a tactical advantage in your battle strategies and creates attack opportunities by distracting enemies.

Peacemaker Carbine

The Peacemaker Carbine is a fast and effective rifle. This weapon is used to quickly hunt down enemies. With its high rate of fire and accurate aiming ability, Peacemaker Carbine allows players to focus on its target and eliminate enemies quickly.

Extra Equipment

Along with the weapons, Bulletstorm also offers a variety of extra equipment. These include explosives, mines, grenades and many more items. These equipment provide greater power against enemies and allow you to develop various tactics.

Overall, Bulletstorm’s different weapons and equipment are important elements that help enrich the gaming experience. Each weapon and equipment has its own advantages and has a great impact on determining players’ gaming strategies.

Weapon Features Gauss Gun High energy electromagnetic gunner. Flailgun Ability to throw bullets at enemies to deal damage and capture objects. Penetrator Ability to penetrate walls and obstacles. Boneduster Ability to incapacitate enemies with a wide shockwave. Decoy A device that misleads enemies. Peacemaker Carbine A fast and effective rifle.

Bulletstorm offers gamers a unique gameplay experience with combinations of different weapons and equipment. Players embark on an action-packed adventure as they try to deal with challenging enemies by skillfully using these weapons and equipment.

Bulletstorm is an adrenaline-filled FPS (First Person Shooter) game. In the game, various weapons and explosive devices are used to neutralize the enemies occupying the planet. This article will focus in detail on the different weapons and equipment used in Bulletstorm.

1. Leash

Leash is one of the most well-known equipment in the game. This device, worn on the character’s wrist, has abilities such as catching, pulling and throwing enemies into the air. It can also be used to pull or push certain objects. Leash offers players the opportunity to make strategic moves and gain advantage by using the environment.

2. Boneduster

Boneduster is a devastating weapon used in Bulletstorm. This weapon uses a high energy laser to impact enemies. Boneduster’s feature is that it has a special bullet called “Bonebreaker”, which is used to shatter enemies and neutralize them. This bullet destroys enemies by breaking their bones.

3. Screamer

The Screamer is one of the most effective explosive devices in the game. This device creates a high-intensity sound wave that inflicts massive damage on enemies. The Screamer can be used when targeting enemies and breaking up trapped crowds.

4. Flailgun

A Flailgun is a weapon used to attack devastatingly from long distances. This weapon fires explosive steel projectiles to knock enemies over. Additionally, the explosions caused by the recoil of these bullets can incapacitate enemies.

5. Bouncer

The Bouncer is an interesting weapon used in Bulletstorm. This weapon fires a large projectile at enemies that explodes into multiple smaller projectiles upon hitting explosive surfaces. Bouncer is ideal for targeting multiple enemies in a tight space.

6. Penetrator

The Penetrator is a weapon that fires a high-speed penetrating projectile that impacts enemies. This weapon can be used to pin enemies to target surfaces and incapacitate them. The Penetrator can be used to bind or pin an enemy to a location, providing strategic advantages.

7. HeadHunter

Head Hunter is a weapon that features a sniper rifle. This rifle accumulates energy as you kill enemies, allowing for more powerful shots. Head Hunter’s feature is that he releases energy bombs when he kills enemies. These energy bombs can be used to destroy enemies more effectively.

Weapons used in Bulletstorm and their effects: Weapon Impact Leash Catching, pulling and throwing enemies into the air Boneduster Disintegrating enemies with a high-energy laser Screamer Disabling enemies with a high-intensity sound wave Flailgun Blastering neutralizing enemies by throwing steel bullets Bouncer Disabling enemies by throwing combined bullets at enemies Penetrator Sticking enemies to target surfaces with piercing bullets Head Hunter Accumulate energy as you kill and make more powerful shots

Different weapons and equipment used in Bulletstorm make the game more exciting and strategic. In this article, we have seen in detail the features of major weapons and equipment such as Leash, Boneduster, Screamer, Flailgun, Bouncer, Penetrator and Head Hunter.

Bulletstorm is a fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) game that offers players an action-packed experience. The game allows players to defeat their opponents using a variety of weapons and equipment. In this article, we will talk in detail about the different weapons and equipment used in Bulletstorm.


Bulletstorm features a wide range of weapons, each with different features and gameplay styles. Players can gain an advantage by choosing the most suitable weapons during the mission. Here are some notable weapons available in Bulletstorm:

Weapon Features Peace Maker Carbine This lightweight rifle has a fast rate of fire while dealing a low amount of damage. It is an effective weapon for attacking multiple targets. Flailgun The Flailgun is a weapon with a chained explosive cannon. It has a devastating power that affects surrounding enemies when it explodes. Head Hunter Head Hunter is a sniper rifle with high accuracy. It’s a great option for snipers and can deal massive damage with a single shot. Boneduster Boneduster is a hunting rifle that is effective at close range. Allows weapons used in close combat to deal high damage.


In Bulletstorm, there are various equipment that are as important as weapons. These equipment may vary depending on the players’ playing style and strategy. Here are some of the equipment available in Bulletstorm:

  • Leash: This is a special device and can be used to capture or attract enemies. It can also be used to manipulate objects in the environment.
  • Sliding: Players can slide to move quickly or make sudden attacks on enemies. This strategic move allows players to gain an advantage.
  • Bomb: Bombs can be used to quickly eliminate groups of enemies. Bombs with a large explosion radius and impact give players a great advantage in intense conflicts.
  • Energy Leash: This special equipment allows players to recharge their energy. Energy points enable the use of special abilities and allow players to gain a greater competitive advantage.

The above-mentioned weapons and equipment make Bulletstorm’s gameplay diverse and exciting. Players can improve their strategies and customize their gaming experience by trying different combinations. The variety of weapons and equipment used offers every player an option to suit their play style.


Bulletstorm is an FPS game that attracts attention with its unique weapon and equipment options. Players can develop strategies to defeat their opponents by making the right choice between weapons and equipment. They can try various tactics using different weapons and further enrich the gaming experience. This variety that Bulletstorm offers provides players with a consistently exciting gaming experience.

Bulletstorm is a fast-paced first-person shooter that offers players a variety of abilities and power-ups. Different weapons and equipment that can be used in the game offer players different tactics and gameplay options. In this article, we will take a detailed look at some of the special abilities and power-ups used in Bulletstorm.

Bullet Storm Weapon

The Bullet Storm Gun is one of the main weapons in the game and has a higher rate of fire compared to other weapons. This weapon is a great option for quickly targeting enemies and can be made more effective with various power-ups.

Destructive Explosives

The devastating explosives used in the game provide players with a powerful tool to destroy enemies effectively. Explosives can damage large areas and destroy surrounding objects while taking out multiple enemies.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle provides players with the ability to take out enemies at long ranges with sniper fire. Correct use of this weapon is important to eliminate enemies attacking from afar.

Sponge Bomb

The sponge bomb is a versatile explosive that allows for a variety of uses in the game. It can be used to both destroy enemies and damage surrounding objects. While the sponge bomb can neutralize enemies, it can also be used as part of environmental tactics.

Ability Boosters

Bulletstorm offers a skill system that allows you to gain more skillshot points. These points grant access to more powerful weapons or special abilities that can be used in-game. For example; You can accumulate more greed by chaining kills or killing enemies in a specific way.

Greed Points

Greed points are an in-game unit that players can use to improve their abilities and weapons. These points encourage players to use creative and impressive killing methods. For example; You can earn more greed points by exploding enemies, dropping items on them, or using traps in the environment.

Weapon Customizations

Bulletstorm offers a weapon customization system where players can customize their weapons as they wish. Players can add different power-ups to their weapons, increasing their firepower, aiming accuracy or ammo capacity. This allows players to tailor weapons to suit their playstyle and preferences.

Weapon Description Bullet Storm Weapon Provides high rate of fire and agility Destructive Explosives Powerful explosives that can destroy large areas Sniper Rifle Provides sniper fire at long distances Sponge Bomb Versatile use for environmental tactics

In this article, we have taken a detailed look at the different weapons and equipment used in Bulletstorm. Thanks to various weapons and power-ups in the game, you can try different tactics and personalize your gameplay. Bulletstorm stands out as a first-person shooter game that offers fast-paced gameplay and impressive abilities.

Bulletstorm is an action-packed first-person shooter game. Using beautifully designed weapons and equipment, players attempt to destroy enemies and complete missions. In this article, you will find detailed information about the different weapons and tactics used in the Bulletstorm game.

1. PeaceMaker Carabine

The PeaceMaker Carabine is a most used rifle in the game. It is known for its high damage ability and accurate aiming features. Players can quickly neutralize enemies by making accurate shots.

2. Flail Gun

Flail Gun is one of the most interesting weapons used in the game. This weapon uses an explosive cannon that impressively launches your enemies into the air. When used effectively, it becomes possible to destroy several enemies simultaneously. You can also increase your score by chaining explosions to your enemies.

3. Boneduster

Boneduster is one of Bulletstorm’s most powerful weapons. This weapon uses projectiles to pierce and explode enemies. Boneduster can quickly neutralize large amounts of enemies thanks to its high damage potential.

4. Screamer

Screamer is a weapon of the game that can be effective at long distances. This energy rifle fires energy projectors from energy sources, dealing damage to enemies. Screamer is very effective against enemies with energy shields.

5. Bouncer

The Bouncer is one of Bulletstorm’s most innovative weapons. This weapon shoots an explosive iron ball, blowing up enemies. You can kill enemies by sticking them to the walls and ceiling. You can also create chain explosive effects by causing the ball to bounce on enemies before hitting the surface.


Bulletstorm is not a game based solely on the use of weapons. It is important for players to use creative tactics to neutralize enemies and increase their scores. Below are some effective tactics you can use in Bulletstorm:

  • Slide-Kick: You can quickly slide under your enemies and throw them into the air.
  • Leash Combos: You can use your Leash to launch enemies into the air and then quickly aim to hit targets at close range.
  • Environmental Hazards: You can damage enemies by using various environmental hazards in the level. You can ignite explosive barrels, push enemies off a cliff, or electrify enemies using electric cables.
  • Teamwork: The game also offers a multiplayer mode that can be played together. By collaborating with your teammates, you can reduce the pressure on yourself and create greater impact.

Bulletstorm offers a gaming experience filled with exciting weapons and creative tactics. The weapons and tactics listed above can help players give themselves an advantage in each mission. If you’re looking for a game full of action and explosions, Bulletstorm might be the perfect option for you.

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