Bright Memory: Infinite: Equipment and Weapon Selection Guide


Bright Memory: Infinite: Equipment and Weapon Selection Guide


Bright Memory: Infinite is a first-person shooter game that stands out with its outstanding graphics, fast-paced action and challenging enemies. Players can use a variety of equipment and weapons to attack or strategically evade enemies when necessary. In this guide, you will find the best equipment and weapons you can use in Bright Memory: Infinite.

Equipment Selection

Equipment is an important element that helps you survive in Bright Memory: Infinite. You have access to a variety of equipment in the game, but each has different abilities. Here are some of the best equipment picks:

  • Healing: Healers allow you to quickly replenish your health. It is important that you use this equipment to recover quickly when you are injured in battle.
  • Armor Upgrade: Armor upgrades strengthen your body armor, allowing you to take less damage from enemy attacks. It is worth investing in this equipment for successful survival.
  • Energy Shock: Energy shocks can be used to temporarily stun enemies. Using this equipment, you can neutralize enemies during the attack.
  • Weapon Modification: You can use this equipment to make your weapons more powerful. Weapon modification is important if you want to use high damage weapons.
  • Activator: Activators allow you to trigger different abilities. For example, you can use an enabler to move quickly or hide.

Weapon Selection

Bright Memory: Infinite offers a variety of weapons, and each can be used for a different purpose. Choosing the right weapon may vary depending on your style and the requirements of the game. Here are some effective weapons you can use in the game: Weapon Aim Assault Rifle Effective against multiple enemies. Sniper Rifle Disables long-range enemies. Shotgun Quickly destroys enemies at close range. Gauss Rifle Effective against strong enemies. Plasma Gun Effective against energy-based enemies. Grenade Neutralizes multiple enemies at once. The weapons mentioned above can be effective against different scenarios and enemy types. In some situations, it may be advantageous to use a variety of weapons and diversify your abilities.

Weapon and Equipment Combinations

Bright Memory: Infinite offers strategic gameplay based on weapon and equipment combinations. Choosing the right combination of weapons and equipment will help you gain the upper hand in battle. Here are some effective combinations:

  • Assault Rifle Healer: Assault rifle is effective against multiple enemies. By using it with the healer, you can replenish your health and deal with more enemies while under constant attack.
  • Sniper Rifle Energy Shock: You can use the sniper rifle to neutralize enemies at long range. Energy shock helps you subdue enemies at close range.
  • Gauss Rifle Armor Upgrade: The Gauss rifle deals massive damage against powerful enemies. Increases your chances of survival when combined with armor enhancement.
  • Plasma Gun Activator: The plasma gun incapacitates energy-based enemies. By using activator you can move fast and escape from enemies.

Combos increase your ability to adapt to different scenarios and enemy types in the game. It’s important to adjust your strategy and customize your weapon/equipment combinations in each mission.


In Bright Memory: Infinite, choosing the right equipment and weapons helps you improve your survival and enemy dealing skills. Different equipment such as healers, armor enhancements, energy shocks, weapon modifications and activators provide advantages in battle. Additionally, various weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, gauss rifles, plasma guns and grenades can be used for different purposes. By combining the right weapon and equipment combinations with the right strategies, you can gain superiority in the world of Bright Memory: Infinite. Enjoy!

Bright Memory: Infinite is a first-person shooter game developed by FYQD Studio that takes fans into an action-packed adventure. It is very important to choose the right equipment and weapons to minimize the excitement and difficulties of the game. In this guide, we will go into the details of the various equipment and weapons in the game and help you make the right choices.


Bright Memory: Infinite features a variety of weapons that you can use as you explore the game world.

Weapon Description Firearms Aside from your starting weapon, the pistol, the game features a variety of firearms, such as more advanced rifles and shotguns. Firearms require solid marksmanship and are generally effective against single targets. Infected Weapons There are weapons in the game that you can capture from infected enemies. These weapons are generally suitable for close combat and have the potential to deal high damage. Infected weapons such as knives, swords, and chain rods are effective against dispersed groups of enemies. Energy Weapons The game has energy weapons that you can use to increase firepower by using energy sources. These weapons are generally effective in combating long-range enemies. Energy weapons attack enemies by launching energy charges that have the potential to deal massive damage. Explosives Explosives allow you to effectively target groups of enemies. Explosives such as bombs, grenades and mines can be used in situations where enemies are crowded and deal damage over a wide area.


Bright Memory: Infinite offers a variety of equipment to improve your character’s combat skills and create advantageous situations.

  • Clothes: There are different outfits in the game, and each of them affects the character’s characteristics. For example, armor provides greater durability, while a special suit that allows you to move quickly can be advantageous. It is vital to choose the most appropriate outfit according to the situation in the game.
  • Energy Shield: The energy shield provides your character with increased durability against attacks. Advanced energy shields can be effective in limiting enemies’ firepower, giving you an advantage. Regularly updating and improving your energy shield is important when facing tough enemies.
  • Time Stop Device: A time stop device is equipment that allows you to slow down the character’s environment. This allows you to target enemies more easily or gain a tactical advantage in a complex situation. Using the time stopping device correctly is a strategic choice.

Bright Memory: Infinite offers its players a unique experience with the right equipment and weapon selection. You can use this guide to better understand your weapons and equipment and achieve more success in the gaming world. In each battle, you must think carefully to choose the right weapon or equipment according to the situation to survive and defeat tough enemies. Good luck!

Choosing effective weapons and the right equipment is very important to be successful in the Bright Memory: Infinite game. In this guide, we will discuss in detail the most effective weapons in the game and how you can use them. We will also provide recommendations to help you choose the right equipment.


1. Pistolets: They are among the most common weapons at the beginner level. Usually used to complete hits by weakening enemies. It is effective at close range thanks to its rapid fire feature.

2. Rifles: These are weapons that can deliver stronger hits and are ideal for targeting enemies at long distances. Rifles have the potential to deal high damage and can easily penetrate enemy armor.

3. Bows: They are the most effective weapons to fight invisible enemies. Bows are ideal for killing enemies, thanks to their ability to deal silent and sustained damage over time. It prevents the enemy from knowing about you by keeping you hidden.

4. Thrusting Weapons: Useful for pushing away enemies or bypassing obstacles, these weapons often create environmental effects. You can shoot at the enemy or cause an explosion. Thrusting weapons allow you to gain an advantage by disrupting the enemy’s balance.

Equipment Selection

Choosing the right equipment in Bright Memory: Infinite allows you to survive and fight enemies effectively. Below you can find a list of some effective equipment you can use:

Equipment Purpose Radio To detect surrounding enemies and inform teammates Single Shot Aimer To target distant enemies more easily Health Kit To quickly regenerate your health Explosives Used to effectively destroy crowded groups of enemies

When choosing equipment, you should decide based on your playing style and the current situation. For example, if you are under intense enemy fire at close range, you can quickly replenish your health by using a health kit.

Here are some tips to consider for a good equipment selection:

  • Choose equipment according to your goal in the game.
  • Follow and use up-to-date equipment.
  • Determine the equipment you may need by observing your environment and enemies.
  • Choose equipment that suits your playing style.

In Bright Memory: Infinite, you can gain an advantage by choosing effective weapons and the right equipment. Understanding the features and purpose of weapons will enable you to be successful in the game. Additionally, you can make your job easier by choosing the right equipment. You can become an even more effective player by using different weapons and equipment while experiencing the game.

Advancing in games and dealing with your opponents is usually possible with a good team and the right weapon combinations. Equipment and weapon choices may vary depending on your play style and what type of role you want to play in the game. In this guide, you will find detailed information about some equipment and weapon combinations that will make it easier for you to progress in Bright Memory: Infinite.

Weapon Effectiveness Usage Shotgun Excellent close combat effectiveness Dealing with enemies at close range Sniper Rifle High precision and long range effectiveness Targeting distant enemies, playing the role of a sniper Electromagnetic Weapon Stunning enemies with electrical interaction Effective against large groups, providing area control

1. Shotgun and Melee Abilities

The shotgun is an ideal choice to effectively deal with your enemies at close range. It comes with high firepower and a wide destructive area of ​​effect. Using this weapon, you must improve your close combat skills to destroy your enemies and advance quickly.

2. Sniper Rifles and Long Range Attacks

The sniper rifle is an excellent choice that allows you to target distant enemies in the game. It is ideal for those who want to play the role of a sniper with its high sensitivity and accurate shots. Using this weapon, you can neutralize your enemies from afar and support your team.

3. Electromagnetic Weapon and Area Control

The electromagnetic weapon is an effective option to stun your enemies and establish area control. By using this weapon, you can gain an advantage against large groups and in narrow spaces. With electrical interaction, you can temporarily make your enemies defenseless and protect your team.

Additionally, equipment selection is also an important factor that affects your playing style. It is important that you use the right and strategic equipment, especially according to the difficulty level of the game. Below are some examples of equipment the game can provide:

  • Speed ​​boosters: Allows you to move faster, making it easier to escape from enemies.
  • Shields: Temporarily reduces damage and protects you.
  • Health kit: Regenerates your health and makes you more durable in battle.
  • Bombs: Allows you to attack effectively against large groups.

Understanding the basic mechanics of the game and discovering the advantages of your equipment will make it easier to progress in the game. You can gain superiority over your opponents by choosing equipment and weapons that suit your own playing style and preferences.

Bright Memory: Infinite is an exciting action game that allows you to gain a great advantage when combined with the right equipment and weapon combinations. You can make your gaming experience more enjoyable by choosing the weapons and equipment mentioned above that suit you. Have fun!

Bright Memory: Infinite is a fantasy FPS game and offers players a variety of equipment and weapon options. In this guide, we will provide tips for choosing the best equipment and weapons in the game. Read on and get the best gear for your next gaming session!

Item and Equipment Selection

In Bright Memory: Infinite, there are multiple types of equipment and items, and making the right choices will greatly affect your gaming experience. Here are some tips:

  • Healing Kit: This item is used to quickly replenish your health. It is important for survival in conflict. Keep as many of these kits in your inventory as possible and use them in emergencies.
  • Energy Shield: This equipment provides you with a temporary energy shield and protects you from enemy fire. Particularly useful in difficult battles. Use this screensaver when you are attacked or encounter a powerful enemy.
  • Gravitation Bracelet: This bracelet is used to solve environmental problems and achieve special abilities. It is also an effective attack tool against enemies. Examine the environment carefully and use this bracelet strategically.

Weapon Selection and Development

Bright Memory: Infinite has many weapons with high firepower and different features. Here are some tips on weapon selection and development:

  • Assault Rifle: This general-purpose weapon provides rapid firepower and accuracy. It is effective against close and medium range enemies. Save money to upgrade your weapon and increase its ammunition capacity, damage and aiming ability.
  • Shotgun: It is a weapon that has a powerful effect at close range. It can quickly neutralize enemies in intense combat. The Shotgun’s range is limited, so it’s important to keep the enemy at close range. Take the time to upgrade the gun to increase damage and aiming time.
  • Sniper Rifle: It is an ideal option for players who like to attack from a distance. It is used to secretly neutralize enemies or keep strategic areas under control. Upgrade your sniper rifle to get a better scope, higher damage and better stability.

Table: Equipment and Weapon Comparison

The table below compares some of the characteristics of available equipment and weapons. This can help you when choosing the right equipment or weapon:

Equipment / Weapon Firepower Damage Range Other Features Healing Kit – – Health recovery Energy Shield – – – Protection shield Gravitation Bracelet – Creative attack options Assault Rifle High speed and accuracy Shotgun – Close-range effective Sniper Rifle Long distance effective

In Bright Memory: Infinite, choosing the right equipment and weapons can improve your gaming experience. By following the tips shared in this guide, determine the best strategy and defeat the opponents with superiority. Have fun gaming sessions!

Bright Memory: Infinite: Equipment and Weapon Selection Guide

With developing technology, tremendous progress has been made in the gaming world. Among the innovative games that meet with gamers, Bright Memory: Infinite attracts attention with its immersive story and impressive graphics. Choosing the right tactics and equipment is very important to gain superiority while fighting enemies in the game.


1. Stealth: One of the most effective ways to gain superiority over enemies is to act in secrecy. Moving on complex maps without attracting the attention of enemies gives you an advantage in the moment of attack.

2. Plan of Attack: It is very important to make an attack plan before encountering the enemy. Determine your target, choose the weapons and equipment you will use, and act with an effective attack strategy.

3. Fast and Effective Movement: Bright Memory: Infinite is a game where fast and fluid movements come to the fore. Make the most of your mobility to evade enemy attacks, make quick changes and surprise enemies.

4. Split Between Enemies: When facing multiple enemies, it is best to take on the enemies one by one without distraction. By cooperating with your teammates, you can divide the enemies and gain an advantage.

5. Measured Weapon Use: When using weapons, shoot in a measured manner. Every bullet counts and be careful not to waste it. You can continue the fight by quickly refilling your ammunition when you need it.

Equipment Selection

1. Weapons: There are a variety of weapons in Bright Memory: Infinite. It is important to choose weapons that suit the enemy type and your playing style. Choose the right weapon from options such as an SMG for light and fast attacks, or a sniper rifle for ranged attacks.

2. Bombs and Explosives: There are many bombs and explosives in the game. You can use these equipment to deflect and neutralize enemies or attack large groups. They provide a great advantage in dividing and controlling enemy groups.

3. Armor: Choosing the right armor to protect yourself increases your chances of survival. Light armor provides greater freedom of movement, while heavy armor offers more protection. Choose the armor that suits your play style by carefully balancing the game.

4. Skills: Using the skills in the game effectively gives you an advantage over your enemies. You can surprise your enemies or gain an advantage with abilities such as super speed and time stopping. You can use your abilities to discover enemies’ weak points or perform sudden attacks.

Weapon Type Advantage Disadvantage SMG Light Firearm Fast shooting ability Low damage power Shotgun Close Range Weapon High damage power Narrow shooting angle Sniper Rifle Long Range Weapon High sniper power Slow firing rate

Bright Memory: Infinite offers players many options with its tactical game structure and impressive weapon options. With the right tactics, you can gain superiority over your enemies and enjoy the game in the best way. This guide provides basic information that will help you and further enhance your gaming experience.

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