Best Companion Selection and Recommendations in Warframe Game


Best Companion Selection and Recommendations in Warframe Game

Warframe is a digital online shooter and offers many different classes of playable characters. A great feature of the game is that players can choose a Companion character. These Companions can provide players with various benefits and accompany them on their journey. If you want to choose the best Companion while playing Warframe, here are some suggestions:


Kubrow is one of Warframe’s most popular Companions. This dog-like creature has a warrior nature and is renowned for its ability to hunt enemies effectively. Kubrow helps you track down enemies and even neutralize them. Kubrow also has some special abilities that can help you limit enemy forces or increase your defensive abilities.

2. Sentinel

Sentinel is a robotic Companion with tough armor. This Companion can support you in defense and attack. Sentinel has many benefits, such as tracking enemies, deflecting them, granting you extra armor, and using special abilities. You can also make modifications to your Warframe that give it some extra features when fighting the Sentinel.

3. Moa

Moa is among the new generation Companions and was added to the game with the latest update. This robot-like Companion can provide you with various benefits. Moa has the abilities to scan enemies, track them, and assist you in attacks. You can also customize Moa, which also has some special abilities, and improve its properties. Moa can give you an advantage by giving your Warframe extra powers.

4. Helminth Charger

Helminth Charger is referred to as a parasitic creature in the game. This Companion is renowned for its abilities to track and attack enemies. Helminth Charger also has some special abilities, with which you can deliver a powerful attack or limit your enemies’ powers. Helminth Charger can be a solid Companion option.

5. Djinn

Djinn is among Warframe’s Sentinel Companions and offers you a variety of benefits. This Companion aids you with abilities to track and attack enemies. Djinn also has some special abilities, and with these abilities you can increase your defensive abilities or provide extra armor. Djinn can offer you great support during battle.

Choosing the best Companion is up to you, because in Warframe each Companion has its own advantages and abilities. You can choose from many great options such as Kubrow, Sentinel, Moa, Helminth Charger and Djinn. These Companions can provide players with many different advantages, such as tracking enemies and assisting in attack or defense. So your choice of Companion depends on your play style and strategy. Think carefully and research the process to choose the best Companion.


Companion Type Advantages Special Abilities Kubrow Tracks and neutralizes enemies Limits enemy forces and increases defensive capabilities Sentinel Supports defense and attack Tracks enemies, deflects them and provides extra armor Moa Provides various advantages Has customizable and upgradeable abilities Helminth Charger Tracks and attacks enemies Powerful attack Djinn Provides tracking and attack abilities Increases defensive abilities and provides extra armor

Warframe Companions are the perfect accompaniment that can enrich your gaming experience and give you benefits. Choose from options such as Kubrow, Sentinel, Moa, Helminth Charger and Djinn and choose the Companion that best suits your combat style. Have fun playing!

Warframe is a popular online action game that offers players a wide range of options. There are many companions in the game that can help you in survival and attack missions. Kubrow, perhaps one of the best options among these companions, is frequently preferred by players. In this article, we will prove that Kubrow is the best companion choice in Warframe and give you some suggestions on Kubrow’s advantages and how to use them.

What is Kubrow?

Kubrow is a dog-like companion from the Warframe universe. This companion can assist players in a variety of ways. One of Kubrow’s biggest advantages is that he adapts to a variety of play styles through his abilities and customizable features.

Advantages of Kubrow

Kubrow has many advantages that make it one of the best companion choices:

  • Attack Power: Kubrow is a companion with high attack power. It is especially effective in close combat and can deal massive damage to enemies.
  • Protection: Kubrow can provide protection when you are attacked. It can attack enemies and distract them, buying you time.
  • Drilling Ability: Kubrow has the ability to open mechanical locks. When you encounter a blockage, your Kubrow can help you and keep you moving forward.
  • Mental Intelligence: Kubrow has a mental intelligence ability that you can use to reveal enemies and detect their weak points.

How to Use Kubrow?

In order to use Kubrow in the best way, you should pay attention to the following suggestions:

  • Improve Kubrow’s Features: By improving Kubrow’s abilities and features, you can make him more effective. This allows you to increase Kubrow’s attack power, durability, and other attributes.
  • Class Selection: Choose your Kubrow’s class to suit your playstyle. While Attack Kubrow has high attack power, Sahsa Kubrow stands out with its tank abilities and is effective in support duties.
  • Grooming and Good Feeding: Keeping your Kubrow well-groomed and feeding him well improves his performance. Groom it regularly and feed it appropriate food.
  • Training and Abilities: You can use your Kubrow more efficiently by training it and improving its abilities. Teach him attack tactics and use his abilities.

Alternative Companion Options

Warframe offers many companion options other than Kubrow. You can also browse the options below to find the companion that best suits your needs:

Companion Description Sentinel A robot companion that is effective in attack, defense and support missions. Adaro is a cat-like companion distinguished by its Stealth abilities. Moa A robot companion with attack and support abilities.

Choosing a companion in Warframe depends on your playstyle and mission needs. Kubrow is one of the best companions with its wide range of abilities and customizable features. However, you can also consider other companion options and choose the one that suits you best.

In Warframe, Kubrow excels as a companion that provides you with attack damage, protection, and assistance. By using it correctly, you can make your Warframe experience more effective and enjoyable. By following the tips mentioned above, you can improve Kubrow and choose a companion that suits your needs.


Warframe is an exciting adventure and action game and offers different companion options that can help you in the game. In this article, we will talk about the best companion selection and recommendations in Warframe, and we will specifically focus on adoptable sentinels.

What are Sentinels?

Sentinels are robotic companions that can assist you in battle in Warframe. These companions offer you advantages in various ways and can enhance your gaming experience. You can choose from many different sentinels, but the ones that are especially adoptable are more popular.

Advantages of Adoptable Sentinels

  • Protection: Possessable sentinels can provide you with protection in battle. They can detect enemies shooting at you and target them. In this way, while you concentrate, the sentinellar can neutralize the enemies.
  • Abilities: Possessable sentinels are equipped with their own special abilities. For example, some sentinels can slow down enemies, while others can increase your energy power. These abilities give you an advantage, making you more effective in battle.
  • Gathering and Searching: Possessable sentinels have the ability to collect and search for items that will help you on the battlefield. This allows you to obtain in-game resources faster and easier.
  • Companionship: Possessive sentinels can move with you and accompany you. This allows you to complete exploration and missions in the game more easily.

Best Adoptable Sentinels

Although there are many different adoptable sentinels in the Warframe game, some are more advantageous than others. Here are the best adoptable sentinels:

Sentinellar Features Dethcube Can attack enemies and replenish your energy treasure. Helios Can survey the surface and detect hidden enemies. Cyngas provides excellent protection with his Guardian abilities.

Each sentinel has its own advantages, and you can make your choice depending on your play style and preferences. In summary, Dethcube provides energy, Helios detects hidden enemies, and Cyngas provides excellent protection.


There are some important factors to consider when choosing the best companion in Warframe:

  • Your Play Style: Choose a companion based on your own play style and preferences. For example, if you’re more of an aggressive player, a sentinellar with offensive abilities might be more suitable for you.
  • Quests and Explorations: Your choice of companion may vary depending on the quests and explorations you need to complete. Some companions can give you more advantages in missions.
  • Modification Abilities: Use your Companions’ modification abilities. These skills can help you improve their performance.


Choosing the best companion in Warframe is important to improve your gaming experience and gain an advantage in battle. Adoptable sentinels give you perks like protection, abilities, the ability to gather and search, and companionship. You can choose from different sentinels like Dethcube, Helios, and Cyngas, but it’s important to choose the one that suits your preferences and playstyle. Good choices and happy gaming!

Warframe is a popular science fiction action game that has attracted millions of players with its unique world and immersive gaming experience. Players control onion-like armored warriors called Warframes as they complete various missions. Besides these warriors, the game also features special pets called Companions. In this article, we will provide detailed information about the most effective Companion selection and Helminth Charger in the Warframe game.

How to Choose a Companion?

In Warframe, different types of Companions offer players different abilities. Therefore, Companion selection may vary depending on your play style and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing:

  • Mission Type: Do you play alone or enter missions as a team? In group missions, you can choose more supportive Companions.
  • Hunting Abilities: If you want a Companion that is good at hunting and tracking enemies, it would be beneficial to choose those with hunting abilities.
  • Health and Stamina: Companions must be tough enough to withstand enemy attacks and survive long enough to assist you.
  • Abilities: Companions have different abilities. For example, some can heal you, while others can stun or damage enemies.

What is Helminth Charger?

The Helminth Charger is a standout type among Companions in the Warframe game. He is extremely durable and strong and can perform effective attacks against enemies. This Companion, which evolved from a parasite called Helminth, has gained popularity among Warframe players.

Helminth Charger gives you an advantage in the game with its unique abilities. For example, with the “Devour” skill, you restore energy by swallowing enemies. The “Rending Prowl” ability heals enemies and gives you stamina. You can also scare enemies and increase their damage with the “Howl” skill.

How to Obtain Helminth Charger?

To obtain Helminth Charger, you must first obtain a Kubrow Companion. Kubrow evolves into Helminth Charger after being infected with the parasite called Helminth. To hatch one of them, you must collect Kubrow eggs and hatch them under suitable conditions.

After hatching the egg, you will get a Little Helminth baby that you will need to take excellent care of. You must bond with him by spending time with him and taking care of him. As a young Helminth hatchling grows, it may need to be fed rare resources such as Morphics and Oxygen. Giving it nutrients and taking care of it regularly is an important factor in the growth of the Helminth Charger.


Companion selection in Warframe is a factor that greatly affects your gaming experience. A powerful and durable Companion like Helminth Charger can give you a huge advantage in fighting enemies. However, when choosing a Companion, it is important to pay attention to your play style, mission types and preferences. After successfully completing this process in the game, Helminth Charger will become a loyal battle companion that will guide you towards victories.

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Warframe is a popular online shooter that offers players an action-packed experience in a unique other universe. The dynamics and competitive nature of the game requires determining the right strategies, and one of these strategies is choosing the right companion. In this article, we will discuss the best companion choice in Warframe and the factors to consider.

1. What is Companion?

In Warframe, a companion is an AI-based character that helps players fight, attack, or support alongside them. There are different types of companions in the game, and each one has different skill sets and characteristics.

2. How to Choose a Companion?

Companion selection in Warframe may vary depending on the player’s play style and preferences. Some players may look for companions with more attack power, while others may prefer companions that provide more defense or support.

However, it is important to remember that each companion has different advantages and disadvantages. Below you can find the most common companion types and their features:

Companion Type Skills Description Kavat Buffs, twilight abilities Strengthens party members and slows down enemies Sentinel Attack, defense, support abilities Attacks, protects or supports the player Moa Attack abilities with elements such as electricity, fire, poison Can perform high damage attacks Kubrow Attack, tanking, tracking abilities A warrior companion with high survival abilities

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Companion

It is important to consider the following factors when choosing a companion:

  • Play Style: Choose a companion that suits your play style. If you are more of an attack-oriented player, Sentinel or Kubrow may suit you better. If you want to provide support and buffs, you can choose Kavat.
  • Budget: Players may require different materials and resources for companions. Generally, Kavat and Kubrow companions require more resources, while Sentinel companions are easier to obtain.
  • Player Level: It is important to choose companions according to the level and experience level of the players. Some companions may be more effective at high levels, while others may be more useful at low levels.

4. Development of Companions

There are various methods to improve and strengthen your companions. These include companion mods, customizations and skill updates. It is important to use these features to keep your companions up to date and use them effectively in the later stages of the game.

As a result, choosing the best companion in Warframe may vary depending on the player’s play style and preferences. When choosing a companion, it is important to consider factors such as the skills the companions have, advantages, disadvantages, and player level. Additionally, constantly improving and keeping your companions updated can also provide a strategic advantage. With the right companion selection, you can become a more effective warrior and achieve more victories in the Warframe universe.

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