Anthem: Javelin Classes and Abilities


Anthem: Javelin Classes and Abilities

Anthem is an exciting action role-playing game published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare. Players control special battle suits called Javelins, which feature high-tech suits. There are four different Javelin classes in the game, and each has unique abilities. In this article, we will discuss Anthem’s Javelin classes and their abilities in detail.

1st Ranger

The Ranger is one of Anthem’s four Javelin classes and fills the role of a versatile warrior. The Ranger’s abilities are focused on dealing damage, moving quickly, and evading enemies. Below you can find a table of Ranger’s abilities:

Ability Description Strike System The Ranger’s basic attack ability. It can make direct attacks on the target and deal damage. Grenade Gear Ranger’s throwable grenades. Can use various types of explosives and deals damage to massed enemies. Assault Launcher Ranger’s rocket launcher-like abilities. It deals massive damage and can be used effectively in missions. Survival Tactics Ranger’s skills that he can use to survive. It includes abilities such as moving fast and using a shield.

2. Colossus

Colossus is Anthem’s largest and most durable Javelin class. He often takes on the tank role and is known for his high damage dealing abilities. Below you can find a table of Colossus’ abilities:

Ability Description Heavy Assault Launcher Colossus’ large-scale explosive weapons. It deals high damage and can be effective in a wide area. Ordinance Launcher Colossus’ aerial attack capabilities. Can fire rockets at targets and shoot enemies from the sky. Deflector Pulse Ability that activates Colossus’ protective shield. It can be used to protect allies and oneself. Melee Abilities Colossus’ melee abilities. It includes skills such as slamming the ground, pushing, and smashing enemies.

3. Interceptor

Interceptor is a fast and mobile Javelin class from Anthem. Focuses on the ability to slash enemies, evade and regenerate health. Below you can find a table of the Interceptor’s capabilities:

Ability Description Dual Blades Interceptor’s dual blade attacks. It is a fast and damaging attack form. Assault Systems Interceptor’s targeted attack capabilities. Can neutralize enemies using special abilities. Strike Systems are abilities that allow the Interceptor to deliver massive attacks against nearby enemies. He can defeat enemies quickly and fatally. Support Systems Abilities that the Interceptor can use to heal itself and its allies. Contains health regeneration abilities.


Storm is a Javelin class that can control Anthem’s air elements. The spell focuses on elements such as electricity and ice. Below you can find a table of Storm’s abilities:

Ability Description Blast Seals Storm’s magical attack abilities. It can fire, ice, and electric attacks that deal massive damage to enemies. Focus Seals Storm’s focusing abilities. Can use abilities that provide increased attack damage or defense. Support Seals Abilities Storm can use to heal or support her allies. Contains skills like protection shields or health regeneration. Elemental Synergy Abilities that allow Storm to create synergy between elements. For example, an ice attack following a fire attack can become more effective.

Anthem’s Javelin classes and abilities enrich the gaming experience and offer players different play styles. Each class has unique abilities, which plays an important role in team play and strategy. Discovering which Javelin class suits you best will provide an exciting experience as you make open explorations of the world of Anthem.

Antham is an exciting action role-playing game, and players have the chance to be a part of special classes called Javelin, which are powerful armors. Each of these classes offers unique abilities and strategies. In this article, we will cover the abilities and unique features of the Javelin classes in Anthem in detail.

1. Ranger – Lookout

The Scout is a multi-purpose Javelin class and offers players a balanced gameplay experience. This class can use a variety of weapons and perform both melee and ranged attacks. Abilities include high explosiveness, target tracking, and fast movement ability. The scout is an ideal choice for players who prefer a tactical style of play.

2. Colossus – Giant Armor

Giant Armor is a heavy Javelin class and provides players with high durability and defense. The unique feature of this class is their massive weapons, capable of unleashed attacks on a large scale. Giant Armor is a great option for crushing and destroying enemies. He also plays an important role in teams with his shield, which can also be used to protect his allies.

3. Storm

Storm is the class with the strongest magical abilities among the Javelin classes. This class can perform deadly attacks controlled by the elements. In addition, it provides an advantage over opponents with its ability to stay in the air for a long time and its strong shield abilities. Storm is an excellent choice for players who have high damage potential and can use their abilities expertly.

4. Interceptor – Infiltration

Infiltration is a class of Javelin that specializes in speed and maneuverability. This class is known for fast attacks and the ability to freeze enemies. Infiltration is ideal for players who prefer a playstyle that quickly sneaks behind enemies and targets their weaknesses. It is also invaluable for gathering information across teams and responding quickly.

Javelin classes in Anthem offer players different play styles and allow you to develop strategies that will best help your team. The class you choose should reflect your abilities and gaming preferences. Since cooperativeness is a key element of this game, you can create a more effective strategy by combining different classes according to your team’s needs.

The information in the table summarizes the key capabilities and features of each Javelin class:

Banner Class Features Scout Versatile attack High explosiveness, Target tracking, Fast movement Giant Armor High durability Large-scale attacks, Allied protection Storm Mage Elemental control, Airborne ability, Strong shield Infiltration Fast attack and maneuver Freezing enemies, Fast infiltration, Team knowledge

To determine which Javelin class is right for you, you can find the most suitable option by trying out the game and exploring the abilities of each class. These unique classes in Anthem allow you to customize your gaming experience and shape your hero however you wish.

Remember, each Javelin class increases the visual and mechanical diversity of the game while providing a unique experience with the contributions it offers to your team. Choose your Javelin, hone your abilities, and begin an unforgettable tale of heroism in the Anthem universe!

Anthem is a popular action RPG game that takes players into a fantasy world and offers the opportunity to explore the abilities of many different classes. At the center of this game are reinforced armor sets called Javelin. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle.

Javelin Classes

There are four different Javelin classes in Anthem, and one of them is the Ranger. Ranger stands out as a balanced player class. He is a warrior who can attack from both close and long range, and his skills include fast movement and sniping abilities.

  • [A table listing current classes]

Ranger’s Features

Ranger is a class that is fast and agile and can quickly intervene against enemies. He can also neutralize enemies from a distance thanks to his sniping skills. The main features of this class are:

  • Fast and agile: Ranger can move faster than other classes and approach enemies quickly.
  • Sniping abilities: The Ranger can focus on enemies from a distance and take them out with his sniper rifle.
  • Various attack options: The Ranger can use a variety of weapons that can attack from close and long range. This gives him a versatile attack power.
  • Ballistic and explosive skills: The Ranger’s skill sets include ballistic attacks and explosives. These skills allow you to affect multiple enemies simultaneously.

Ranger’s Abilities

Although the Ranger has various abilities, he can improve these abilities and become more powerful. Some Ranger abilities include:

Ability Description Onslaught Increases the Ranger’s attack speed and neutralizes enemies up close. Muster Point Ranger creates a rally point for teammates and heals them. Frag Grenade Ranger launches an explosive grenade, dealing massive damage to enemies. Multi-Target Missile Battery Ranger launches missiles at multiple enemies, dealing massive damage.

These are just some examples, and the Ranger has many other abilities as well. Players can play more strategically and powerfully by improving their skills over time.

Ranger’s Playstyle

Ranger has a flexible gameplay style thanks to his fast movement and sniping abilities. Players can play a versatile role on the field with the ability to neutralize enemies both up close and from a distance. Ranger’s gameplay style can be summarized as follows:

  1. Moving fast: Ranger can move faster than other classes and easily dodge enemies’ attacks.
  2. Sniping: Thanks to Ranger’s sniping abilities, he can neutralize enemies from a distance and support his teammates.
  3. Strategic use of abilities: By using his various abilities at the right time, the Ranger can inflict massive damage on enemies and help his teammates.

Each player can play Ranger differently depending on their playstyle and preferences. Some players may focus more on sniping abilities, while others may prefer more ballistic skills.


The Ranger is one of Anthem’s Javelin classes and stands out for its fast movement and sniping abilities. Able to effectively attack enemies from both close and long range, this class can be useful in any combat situation. By improving the Ranger’s abilities, players can become stronger and support their teammates. Ranger is a class that brave players can choose and offers an unforgettable experience in the world of Anthem.

Anthem is an innovative action-role-playing game that challenges players to battle in an exciting world. In the game, we control high-tech armor suits called Javelin. In this article, we will discuss the abilities and class of Colossus, Anthem’s largest and most powerful Javelin, in detail.

Anthem: Javelin Classes

In this exciting world of Anthem, there are four different Javelin classes: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. Each Javelin class represents different play styles and abilities. Colossus, on the other hand, is a class that moves slower than the others, but provides tremendous defense and crushes and neutralizes enemies with its heavy blows.

Javelin Class Playstyle Ranger High mobility and general purpose warrior Colossus Strong defense and heavy hitting specialist Interceptor Fast and offensive warrior Storm Warrior who controls elemental powers

Colossus: Strong Defense Specialist

Colossus is known for having a massive suit of armor. Therefore, it moves slower and heavier than other Javelin classes. However, it offers great defense and excellent damage potential.

Colossus’ key attributes include high durability, large AoE damage, and abilities to subdue enemies. Colossus moves like a tank on the battlefield, aiming to draw in enemies and challenge teammates or protect trapped allies.

  • Powerful Armor: Colossus has tremendous armor, making him resistant to enemy attacks.
  • Heavy Weapons: Colossus can use heavy weapons such as massive machine guns or rocket launchers. These weapons are effective at dealing large AoE damage and knocking out enemies in a row.
  • Salvo Ability: One of Colossus’ most iconic attacks is the Salvo. This ability can deal heavy damage to the target area with a large explosion and fend off surrounding enemies.
  • Protection Shield: Using an energy shield, Colossus can protect himself from harm and create a safe area for his teammates.

Colossus also has melee attacks to deal with powerful or armored enemies. These attacks can break enemy lines, giving teammates an advantage and surprising enemies with a powerful blow.

In conclusion

Colossus is the class with the strongest defense and heavy hits among Anthem’s Javelin classes. It aims to stop enemies and protect its team with its high durability and wide area effect damage. Colossus is a great choice for players who like to play tanks.

Colossus in Anthem impresses players with its massive size and impressive abilities. By choosing this class, you can increase your strength and health and scare your enemies on the battlefield. However, remember that Colossus loses some speed due to its heavy structure. Therefore, a more tactical and strategic approach is required.

In the world of Anthem, Colossus is an extraordinary class with unparalleled defensive abilities and heavy hitting potential. You can feel like a tank and display terrifying power against enemies by trying out this powerful Javelin while exploring the game.

Hello and welcome! In this article, we examine Storm, a class of the Anthem game. Storm is a Javelin class that offers players the ability to capture enemies through powerful elements. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Storm’s abilities and unique features.

What is Storm?

Storm is known as a perfectionist Javelin class in the Anthem universe. Working in harmony with the elements of nature, a Storm player can capture and neutralize their enemies with surprising abilities. This Javelin class stands out for its high mobility and powerful attack.

Elemental Powers

Storm offers the ability to neutralize enemies and perform impressive attacks through various elements. Here are some Elemental Powers Storm uses:

  • Electricity: With his Electric ability, he can subject enemies to electric shocks and create chain reactions. This ability is extremely effective at neutralizing nearby enemies.
  • Ice: You can slow down and freeze enemies with the Ice ability. You can protect yourself from attacks and stun your enemies by creating ice shields.
  • Flame: With the Flame skill, you can create fire tornadoes and scare your enemies. You can also set fire to nearby enemies and perform attacks that spread over large areas.
  • Magic: Storm can switch between different elements thanks to her magic ability. This ability gives you a variety of attack and defense options.

Storm’s Unique Features

Storm isn’t limited to just powerful Elemental Powers; It also offers other important features:

  • Air Superiority: Storm has greater air mobility than other Javelin classes. Players who have perfected their flight skills can counter the high gravity effect and chase enemies even in difficult areas.
  • Group Support: Storm players can use special abilities that support their allies. They contribute greatly to team play by healing party members, creating shields, or providing a general barrier against their enemies.
  • High Aim Stabilization: Storm players can quickly switch between elements and develop strategies for each situation. This balancing ability allows you to gain an advantage at critical moments.

Playing Storm

Storm is ideal for players who require quick reactions and strategic thinking. To play this class, you can consider the following tips:

  • Switch Between Elements: Storm can quickly switch between different elements, so it’s important to use this ability effectively. Identifying the enemy’s weak points and choosing the right element provides a strategic advantage.
  • Use Air Moves: Storm has more air moves than other classes. Using this skill, you can avoid enemies’ fire and attack from an advantageous position.
  • Focus on Your Team: Storm has special abilities that support party members. Use these abilities effectively to protect, heal, and give your group an advantage.

Anthem Javelin Classes Features Interceptor Fast and mobile attacks Ranger Traditional class, general skills Colossus High durability and massive attacks Storm Capturing enemies with elemental powers

We hope this article has provided you with useful information about the Storm class in the Anthem game. When playing the Storm class, you can apply these tips to maximize your ability to take on enemies with the elements. Have fun!

Developed by Bioware, Anthem is a video game that offers players an exciting world of action and adventure. The main mechanics of the game include the ability to use powerful armored battle suits called Javelins. Among the four different Javelin classes in Anthem, the Interceptor has been a favorite of players who master speed and mobility.

Features of Interceptor

The Interceptor is characterized as an “Assassin”, a special warfare officer. Thanks to its powerful armor and abilities, it is the perfect choice to defeat enemies. Interceptor has the ability to move faster and more athletically than other Javelin classes. These abilities give the player a great advantage during battle.

The Interceptor’s most distinctive feature is his three-blade armored fighting gloves. These gloves grant melee abilities to enemies and allow for various attack combinations. Players have the opportunity to engage enemies in closer combat in a lethal manner. Additionally, thanks to its high maneuverability, the Interceptor can quickly move away from its attacks and avoid inevitable damage.

Interceptor’s Abilities

The Interceptor has a wide range of capabilities in attack, mobility and defense. By developing these skills, players can better shape their playing style and team roles.

Ability Description Assault Systems Increases the Interceptor’s attack capabilities. These abilities can range from elemental attacks to poisonous attacks. Strike Systems Increases enemies’ melee combat capabilities. Interceptor’s possibilities based on blades and attack combinations are further strengthened with this ability. Support Systems increases the Interceptor’s ability to be a great support to teammates. Reservoir skills can be used to heal teammates or provide energy boosts. Ultimate Ability: Assassin’s Blades is the ability to wield sharp Interceptor blades. This special attack is performed with a spinning move that deals massive damage and can affect multiple enemies.

Interceptor’s abilities give players the freedom to choose the play style they want. Some players may adopt a strategy based on quick attacks, while others may prefer to contribute to the team’s survival by improving their support systems.

Tactics to Be Successful with Interceptor

Interceptor’s speed and mobility can make huge differences in the game when used successfully. Here are some tactics to consider when using Interceptor:

  • The biggest advantage for players is the Interceptor’s fast maneuverability. It is important to analyze the location and strength of enemies before attacking.
  • The Interceptor’s offensive abilities include fast movement, melee combat, and poisonous attacks. Use these abilities skillfully to surprise and quickly defeat enemies.
  • Interceptor has skills that support his teammates. Increase team cohesion by using Support Systems abilities to heal teammates or provide energy support in critical situations.
  • Remember that you need to be careful because the Interceptor has low armor and health. Try to avoid the attacks of enemies with your fast movements.

The Interceptor class in Anthem is a special Javelin that perfectly combines speed and technology. Thanks to the Interceptor’s offensive skills, quick maneuvers and surprising abilities, players can gain a great advantage in defeating enemies. You can achieve success in the exciting world of Anthem by applying Interceptor strategies that suit your playing style.

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